Information Monetisation – It is About Time

If you enjoy blogs as I do, you will notice that most information available online is free.

With all due respect to fellow bloggers, blogs are one of the websites on the Net that are valuable in asset but clearly under-monitised.

We deserve more :)

Not only blogs, any other websites offering free, legitimate, information are all under-monitised.

Some examples of those websites are sites about Home Improvement and Cancer Signs. Those sites are lightly monetised by Google AdSense.

Although monetisation is the site owners’ prerogative right, in my humble opinion, the information provided worth way too much money than they are today.

Good information need to be supported to stay exist on the Net

Good information clearly need monetary supports from the site visitors.

Many would argue that blogging or creating a content site is not all about money – it’s passion to help others and to pursue personal endeavours. I fully respect those who think so.

However, I also know bloggers and site owners that are passionate about what they do, and hoping that someday, this passion also brings monetary rewards.

In my opinion – maybe I sound a bit too capitalistic – good information need to be monetised, to push bloggers and writers to create better work quality through adequate resources.

Why? Because writing contents take a lot of resources – time and, often, money.

How to monetise information

The most common ways to monetise information on the Net is through sponsorship, donation, on-site advertisements, affiliate marketing, or premium content membership.

Sending some love through donation is nice.

However, if you are an authoritative voice (or an expert) in your chosen topics, the better way of all is through membership program, where an information site visitors can access a great wealth of information by subscribing for a certain monthly payment. Through membership program, you offer free, valuable, content through your site, with an ‘insider or ‘inner circle’ access to even more useful information if visitors join as members.

It is time to monetise!

Your sites’ monetisation methods are yours to choose, but I think it’s about time for bloggers, content writers, and site owners to make more money online that they are today.

Websites take bigger and bigger role in information transmission through the Net. Getting paid for your work doesn’t make you a ‘capitalist pig’ :) – It will only motivate you to create more and better.

What I did all this time if I enjoyed a content I read online? I either click their Google AdSense, AdBrite, etc. ad to show my appreciation. Leaving a comment work well, too, but it’s hardly transformed into monetary reward for the site owner :)

What is your view in this? Please share by commenting on this post.

Ivan Widjaya
Information monetisation