Business owners, List Your Job Openings Online

Looking for a candidate to fill an important position in your business is important, as well as tricky.

Online job market has been a constant provider of qualified candidates, even more with the blurring boundaries between online and off line world.

Why you should consider online job listings

There are several reasons why you should consider online job listings:

  • Fast – sign up, pay, and list right away.
  • Listing fee is only a partial of job listing in newspapers.
  • Everybody who is computer-literate can access and apply your job openings – this is naturally select candidates that have basic computer skills.
  • If you choose your online job marketplace right, you can get faster responses by candidates, which means a hefty number of candidates in a short period of listing time.
  • You can post, edit or update your job openings yourself, right away.
  • You can get candidate screening services fro online job marketplace that offer such services, helping you ‘throw away’ unwanted candidates that fit in a certain criteria.

Where to list your job openings online

You can post jobs almost everywhere on the net. Blogs, forums, job marketplace, classified ads site, and other places can be the right place to advertise your job openings. You can post yours either for free or paid.

However, in my opinion, posting your job in online job marketplace offers more benefits for business owners. Listings are more trusted, as service for job posting is usually not free – thus selecting companies that are legitimate, to the least.

New online job marketplace, such as has emerging with a rapid fashion today.

In online job marketplace where you can post jobs and job seekers post resume.

Tips on listing your job openings online

I would like to offer you some tips on posting your job openings online:

  • Seek a marketplace that is visited by a large number of visitor and job seekers.
  • Post your job opening as concise and explanatory as possible, as people online are usually having short attention span and tend to skim content – this include job opportunities.
  • Create a listing where job seekers are encouraged to apply online, instead of contacting you through email or phone.
  • Create an interesting job opening copy that is read as ‘challenging’ and ‘fun’.
  • List in online job marketplace that will help you ‘select’ candidates.
  • Seek online job marketplace that offer excellent and easy to reach support for business owners.

Good luck on your search for candidates!

Ivan Widjaya
Online job marketplace