Brochures for Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is basically bootstrapping marketing activities to achieve maximum impact.

The use of brochures in guerrilla marketing for retails is common, and as long as people still walk on sidewalks, brochure marketing will always be important to bootstrap your marketing.

What should be included in the brochure?

Obviously, you may want to have your contact info in it – don’t forget to put a simple map, too.

You also want to get your message across in bigger font and in lesser word counts. Passer-bys have limited attention span, and might only look at your brochure for 1 or 2 seconds and then throw it away. Be attention grabbing in less wording.

For example – “For limited time only – you can have a 20% discount on selected items in our store” can be written, in big and bold, “20% OFF TODAY – ACT NOW”

Colour or Black-and-White?

Colour or black-and-white printing? Simple question, supposedly simple answer, but tricky to decide.

To command quality, colour brochure printing should be your choice over the B/W counterpart. However, B/W brochure printing is definitely cheaper.

In my opinion, whenever your budget allows, choose colour brochure printing.

However, if your budget is limited, choosing B/W printing can achieve similar effectiveness if you know how.

Bootstrapping Tips

I have a simple trick though – consider using a B/W texts (and images) printed on coloured paper. This way, your printing cost is lower, either you outsource your printing needs or do it yourself.

Also consider the size of your brochures – if you can get your message across on A5, don’t use A4.

Another bootstrapping tip – if you use brochure marketing to spread out words about your promo program, ask passer-bys to bring the brochures back to your retail store in good condition to redeem whatever you decide on promotion. This way you can save your printing cost, and reuse the brochure to be handed out again later.

Any other tips you can share in your brochure copywriting and printing experience? Please comment on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Brochure printing

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