Your Inspiration in Tough Times: Nouveau Riche

Today’s recession causes hardships to almost all of us. Inspirations, let alone resources, are difficult to come by. Why? Because we all focus on the problems, not on the solutions.

Here is one to inspire you: the rags to riches, or Noveau Riche stories.

Noveau Riche

Nouveau riche – a French term for ‘new rich’ – is referring to the group of people that are THE wealthy people of their generations, usually rises from poverty.

Their success stories are inspiring to me, because most of them start with nothing and be something – or shall I say – own everything.

One example from this Noveau Riche article is the life of William Gates III, or well known as Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Bill Gates is a Harvard drop-out that, along with Paul Allen, founded Microsoft. Today, he is the third richest person in the world (The richest American) and a Non-Executive Chairman of Microsoft, as well as, along with his wife, the founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Do you want to be rich?

“Do you want to be rich?” I do – I want to use my money for greater purposes. I keen on what Bill and Melinda Gates did, and if I have the opportunity, I’d exactly do what they did with their foundation.

But some don’t want to be rich.

Some people I know simply don’t want to be rich. They want to be simply ‘sufficient’ and ‘adequate’, due to cultural or any other personal reasons.

The reason I know about why people don’t want to be rich is due to the one of the Bible verses – Money is root of all evil.

Here’s what I believe: money is root of all evil, if you don’t use it for greater purposes. I also believe that NOT having money is root of all evil – people steal and scam for money.

Being rich is individual endeavour, though.

How to be the next noveau riche

There are business opportunities that offer you a chance to be the next noveau riche, of course if you want to be one. This Noveau Riche business opportunities article lists some business opportunities that you can pursue in your entrepreneurial journey.

My favourite opportunity from the article is building (cheap) Wi-Fi networks for Brazilian resorts with investment less than $100,000.

Are you interested in being the next noveau riche or currently in a journey to be one? Please share your favourite business ideas that are possible to do.

Ivan Widjaya
Aim to be Noveau Riche