How to be a Good Bootstrapper-Investor

If somebody told you that you need a lot of money to enter the business and investment game, they’re wrong.

You and I can be an investor, that also is a bootstrapper. I called it Bootstrapper-Investor

You can invest in business, real estate, paper asset, and other investment vehicles with limited resources.

How to be a proper bootstrapper-investor

Here’s a tip or two on how to be a good bootstrapper-investor:

Do online business – enter make money online market

Today is a good time to make money online – the market is there and the demand is very much higher than supply, in my opinion.

You can learn about this from the real life make money online expert, such as Yaro Starak, John Chow, and Darren Rowse. Please notice, that all that I mentioned is bloggers.

Why? Because the bloggers I mentioned are business owner, and they are more accessible than any online business owners – thanks to the nature of the blogosphere.

Find info on ‘cheap’ real estates

Despite today’s recession, real estate is pretty much still accessible. The idea of real estate is by investing 20 to 30 per cent of the property price tag – some even offer no down payment – you can own the property.

Just make sure you don’t assume that the property will go up in value – most of the time, yes. But today, not really. Invest properties for cash flow. Or, at least on the future potential of the properties.

How to know when and where? Again, get property investment tips from the Internet – foreclosures listing, new real estate in new area with good potential, and other ‘secret’ tips.

I said ‘secret’ because most of the information you need to know is available on the Internet. You just have to know how to look for it.

Know how to save on your taxes

As well as any other thing in life, your investment is, of course, taxed :)

You need to find ‘loopholes’ in tax regulations – not to cheat on the government, but to understand what you are suppose to get IF you know the ins and outs of the taxation regulations.

One fact – there are a huge amount of unclaimed tax return and refund by tax payers – $1.2 billion in 2004!

Why? Either the tax payers don’t care or not well informed. If you are the latter, learn from good tax guide, again, from my most trusted source of information – the Net.

Trade and build your stock portfolio online

You no longer need a lot of money to enter the stock market investing. You can trade online and build stock portfolio online, preferably with the big guys, such as E*Trade and Scottrade.

Know your game well

I insist that your best investment is education, and mostly it’s free of charge! Learn from the sites on the Net about your favourite investment vehicles.

You should start small to test the water, and as you gradually becoming more confidence and having more experience, you can step up your game, and gain better.

Just make sure you watch for those prying eyes, ready to scam you. Again, your best investment is education.

Ivan Widjaya