Online Marketplaces Hit by Recession?

MarketplaceThis post is inspired by a comment left on my online money making post on March 2008 about me, entering the make money online game.

I notice the slow down in online marketplaces, as indicated by Blog Flipping Pro, the comment writer. I think the he knows better than me, as I’m not an expert in website flipping :)

I always thought that make money online is a recession proof and save haven for people who want to discover new paths of money making. I was wrong.

As I have read from forums related to buying and selling websites (I apologise – I can’t quote any of them, as I ignorantly didn’t bookmark them), entering the month of August 2008, some people actively making a living online feel the decrease in their revenue, thus their income.

I also notice the decline from online marketplaces. Although I never recorded it, I can see that the number of listing is somewhat decreasing and the amount of transaction is somewhat lower than it suppose was before.

So, does the recession hit the website flipping marketplaces and other online marketplaces, as well? I inclined to say yes.

For instance, I can see good blogs are sold for less than $500, whereas the same blogs could be sold for over $1000.

I view design sites and exceptional revenue maker sites, however, stay true as highly valued web properties. Design sites were sold for their uniqueness, as revenue maker sites were sold based on their revenue made.

I have recently acquired several blogs that, in my opinion, have the ‘intrinsic’ value well over what I have paid for them.

So, does recession do any good? No to many of us, yes to some of us :)

Just like stock investing logic, buy while the price is low, sell while the price is high. Although the recession is said to be barely halfway down, I think it is time to buy for web properties, as hold until the economy bounce back up (it shall – for the sake of the rest of us!).

I suggest you to stop worrying about recession and consider it as a window of opportunity to benefit from.

Ivan Widjaya
Recession survivor
Image by 416style.