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Entrepreneurs are Potentially Pathological Liars?

Many entrepreneurs, alas, are professional pathological liar.

Pathological liar or mythomania, in essence, is compulsive lying, in such a way that even the sufferer believe that the lie is a truth.

This is harsh, but let me reason with you. I’ve been one before.

How many of you are using white lies to win clients? I did. I know, it’s shameful, but even I convince myself that the white lies are the truth.

Another question for you – how many of you are ‘bragging’, either explicitly or implicitly about your entrepreneurial success?

Telling your colleagues that you own several successful business, whereas the truth are they are debt ridden; Driving a Ferrari, while having unsettled and unpaid personal loan? Or, owning a mansion but left your business hungry for cash to run? Or are you selling poor quality product packaged with white lies, such as nice packaging design? So much more example to list…

Some called this ‘lifestyle’… some other called this business strategy. Let me ask you this question – if you consider having a mansion and fast car while having your business drown in debt a good idea, then you are potentially pathological liar.

Why? Because you convince yourself about the success you have with high-end things, while the fact is you are going to personal bankruptcy.

Why being a liar as an entrepreneur is disturbing

It’s your own prerogative right, whether you lie, white lie, or telling the truth. Lie sells – an unfortunate fact.

However, I view entrepreneurs as role model, and believe me, many would want to learn from your success (and failure). Your role as an entrepreneur in your community is to set examples, not on how lavish your lifestyle is, but how you win the game of money and achieve financial freedom for others to learn from.

How to be an entrepreneur to look up to

Everybody has secrets, but should not hide it by telling and living the lies.

As an entrepreneur, you might not only want to get rich and financially free, but also want for others to follow your footsteps to riches.

Some do that by offering paid consulting service, private mentorship or simple free advices for everyone who needs them. Which venue you take, it’s your choice to make. But learn and master this key:

Your life is a success if people follow your footsteps and be successful too.

Being a pathological liar, or simply a liar, doesn’t help you to achieve that. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Ivan Widjaya
Ex-white liar – that’s me :)
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