Small Business Owner and Technophobia

Technology Advances make us being a techno phobic?Small business owners, especially sole proprietors, are very experienced in wearing many hats in managing their business – marketing and promotion, accounting and bookkeeping, administration and office management, and many other business management activities.

Of course, I insist you to start delegating and/or outsourcing, but I learn from some of my colleagues that ‘total control’ in running a business is bliss :)

One caveat that I also learn from my colleagues by going solo is you hardly can keep up with the technological advances, that are supposedly helping you running your business smoothly.

Why? Obviously, lack of time is the main culprit. The other reason – again, it’s all about mindset.

Techno phobic small business owner

Unfortunately, some of the business owners are suffering from technophobia symptoms.

Technophobia is basically a dislike, even fear, of technology. Some say that the fear is irrational, and other say that the fear can be justified.

Nevertheless, with the lack of time and the mindset that technology is no longer fun and helpful, some business owners do suffer technophobia-like symptoms.

For example, did you know that an universal remote can control a televisions, satellite or cable box, DVD player, video recorder, digital media player, TiVo or other PVR, game console, amplifier, stereo, or even a PC or home automation setup?

If this information overwhelms you, you are about to going techno phobic, if you don’t change your mindset.

Technology is here to help you, not to scare you

Some do afraid that if they can’t keep up with the technology, they can’t compete against other businesses. Some do afraid that the technology will make their work more difficult. Some other simply can’t cope with the pressure of keeping up with the technology advances.

In my opinion, all coming back to your mindset – there are tools that can help you securing your business vital information, as well as letting you to focus on other more important things in running your business.

How to avoid being a techno phobic

I’m not a doctor or psychologist, so I can’t offer you medication or therapy to take to help you avoid being a technophobia.

However, I do have a tip or two on how to cope with the lightning quick technology advances, as I’m not keen on gadget and technology myself:

  • Find information that aggregate or summary tech tools or updates, such as, if you would like to utilise your Firefox web browser more, start searching for top extensions for Firefox articles or blog posts.
  • Follow one or two technology and gadget blogs, such as TechCrunch, that updates you with the latest news on technology and gadget world.
  • Don’t overwhelm you with the tools you don’t need. If you feel Blackberry is better as a fruit than as a gadget, don’t use it – Some people I know only use about 5 per cent of the real ability of Blackberry, anyway.
  • If you think paper and pencil is better than a Tablet PC or PDA, then stick to what work best for you – gadgets are suppose to be helpful, not to burden you or even slow you down.

Last but not least, know this: Tech tools and gadgets are useful if and only if you need it – other than that, treat those information as a knowledge, not a burden.

Some people own gadgets for prestige, not function, so it’s no reason for you to feel uncompetitive with them.

Ivan Widjaya
Tech updated, tech tools user noob
Image by iLoveButter.