Small Business Startup Intelligence: Online Survey

KeyboardSetting up a business is always fascinating for me, either off line or online. The fun, the thrill and the risk – all feels like extreme sports :)

One of the most challenging parts in setting up a business is knowing what people want and would expect from you.

Whether you like it or not, you need to survey your target market before you plunge your business into the local community – otherwise, it’s not a entrepreneurship – it’s gambling.

The conventional way (and still the most effective way) is market survey.

Fortunately, the Internet allows you to reach your market faster. Online surveys help you even more to do just that.

Why online survey?

You can conduct market research with an online survey service provider that offer you automated and accurate report generation. You can eliminate surveyor’s error in gathering and tabulating the data collected.

You can also cut cost – You don’t need to hire surveyors to do the survey. You probably want to hire online marketers (or go DIY) to distribute your online survey, though.

What online survey tool to choose from

You can always build the survey system yourself, but it would require resources that always involve time and money. So, in my opinion, you’d better be partnering with online survey provider to handle your market research.

There are actually plenty of online survey companies offering online survey tool for you.

You might want an online survey provider that suits your business need and budget. You might also want flexibility and top notch support from the online survey provider you choose.

From the Internet, I came across LimeService, an online survey company that offers you free, basic, online survey and pay-per-use concept with no long-term payment required. Fast set up, easy to use with ready to use template or any customisation you want, exceptional support and available in 50 languages.

How to choose online survey provider

  • Choose one that offers flexibility in payment and data migration to other online survey providers.
  • Choose one that can analyse the data accurately, as well as presenting an analysis of the data collected.
  • Choose one that offer professional service, that may include doing the whole survey campaign for you.

Last but not least – ask for recommendations! Ask yor colleagues, or ask in forums which online survey providers they have been working with, and what their opinions are on the provider.

Doing those can save you a lot of resources and avoid the possibility of doing trial-and-error.

Ivan WIdjaya
Online survey
Image by DeclanTM.