Personal Development for Smart People

Steve PavlinaThis blog post titled the same as Steve Pavlina’s latest book, that I recommend you to read.

Why? Read on.

Who is Steve Pavlina?

He is, to me, the authority of personal development, well known in the Internet and the blogosphere.

With his colourful life stories, including his love for thrill and adrenaline rush that landed him to do 60 hours of community service when he was 19 years old, his personal endeavour and discovery has made him who he is today – a self-made personal development expert.

His blog,, is one of the most comprehensive blog that I have read online. As he indicated in his new book, his blog could easily be transformed into 20 personal development books – and he keeps writing today!

Indeed, although I’m not active in his site’s forums, I read many of his life changing articles. I insist you to do so, too.

The Book

Steve Pavlina latest book coverI’ve read Personal Development for Smart People, and if you would asked me one word to describe Steve’s book, it would be “Personal” with the capital P.

Personal – the seven fundamental principles of personal development Steve outlined and explained focus on your personal growth – You, yourself and yours.

The seven fundamental principles – truth, love, power, oneness, authority, courage and intelligence – will allow you to build a solid foundation for you to improve, grow and enrich your life, personally and professionally.

You can actively involved in the self-assessments and exercises inside that will help you discover and develop keys for personal growth.

This book answers life’s challenges, including in the great recession times like today, focusing on the most important agent of changes that will revert today’s recession and any other personal problems you face – YOU.

One of my favourite parts of Steve’s exercise is the 30-day trials.

The strategy is basically getting you accustomed to a new habit, in such a way that it is becoming a seamless part of your life. Some examples might include give up TV for 30 days, get up at 5 AM every day for 30 days, and so on.

In my opinion, as an entrepreneur you need to constantly challenge yourself to develop new, positive, habits, that are not only making you a better person, but also a better entrepreneur, as well as building a better business.

So, yes – the domino effect of personal development in all facets of your life will always happen.

And, oh, consider this – positive attitude is contagious – so you will notice that by the time you are becoming a better person, the people surrounding you will be better ones, too. This is a small miracle in undertain times today.

Why you should read the book

First of all – No, I’m not trying to sell you anything :)

Instead, I encourage you to get a copy from your favourite book store and read word by word.

Would you consider this book if I claim the book can help you get out of the pressure of today’s recession – mentally, physically and monetarily?

There is no guarantee, of course – all is coming back to you. The thing I learn from Steve Pavlina is that everything good in life is good for you if you want it to be a good part of your life.

So, if you are seriously consider getting out from your negative outlook of life, financial hardship, relationship crisis, and other personal issues you have, I urge you to read Steve’s Personal Development for Smart People.

Ivan Widjaya