Cost-Cutting 101: Shop for Your Office Equipments at Online Specialty Store

Book BindingHere’s another cost-cutting strategy for your office needs that is so simple, people always forgetting about doing this.

People always say for you and I to shop at large wholesalers and superstores, such as Office Depot for one reason – economy of scale. The premise is this: They are so big, that they will have a certain amount of discounts from manufacturers that, hopefully, will be translated into lower price tags.

Moreover, people thought that shopping for office equipments and supplies in superstores will save them time, because they have almost everything an office need in one roof.

Although this usually translated into lower price and convenience, ‘real’ cost cutting is not always prominent.

The Internet makes such perks obsolete

Business owners forget that the Internet renders the specialty superstores’ perks obsolete.

The Internet allow small, innovative retailers to offer office equipments and supplies at a discounted price, always.

No stock, no premise lease and less employees are almost instantly translated into a lower price tags for customers to enjoy.

The benefit of shopping at online specialty store

The later trends of niche ‘exploitation’ makes an online general store owners shift gear and change direction to offer a product line that serve a specific niche, or one, single product type that answer a certain needs.

For a case study, consider It is a super-specialty store offering a range of binding machines and supplies to businesses.

The benefit of shopping at online specialty store, such as, is beyond the cheap(er) price tags. They offer tips and insights on how to make the most of you office equipments to add value to your purchases.

Just like everything in life, specialists know better.

How to benefit from today’s holiday season deep discount for your office needs

Not only for consumer goods, shopping for office equipments and supplies can also be a good decision to do late in the year.

The holiday season always has businesses scrambles and throw in special promo to attract more business in the year’s highest season.

Coupled with the recession, it’s not only your business need to reorganise things – it’s your office equipment supplier that also reorganise things. In effect, you can definitely shop more for less, as the discounts are very, very deep these days.

Although shop at small online specialty store is advisable, but take the usual measures while shopping – don’t be blinded by the lowest price of all.

Firstly, please check whether your newly-found online specialty office equipment store offer some kind of guarantee that will protect you from fraud and spam – privacy policies, secure shopping certificates (with SSL, such as Thawte or Verisign and/or secure site certification, such as Hacker Safe) and business credibility certificates (such as Better Business Bureau.)

If you can’t find one or any of those guarantees, stay away from the online store.

Secondly, please check the shipping fee. Many online retailers have low price tags but high shipping fee to cover the low price tags. Calculate everything on sight to avoid being ‘tricked’.

Happy holiday office equipments shopping!

Ivan Widjaya
Online office equipment shopping
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