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Small Business Idea: Free Essay and Coursework Resource for High School and College Students

Student ResourceThe keyword to ace today’s competitive business arena is community-driven.

Relevant to online and off line business, community-driven business generates much-needed buzz that will almost always translated into profit.

One of the recession-proof small business idea is free essay and coursework resource for high school and college students.

Every student could use a free resource or two

Everything free is always interesting, and this business idea could get teachers upset ;)

The idea behind this small business idea is offering free resources that consist of term papers, book reports, and Research Papers to high school and college students, while offering premium or custom services, such as custom College Essays writing.

The better business model: Have students share their essays and courseworks. If this business model works well, teachers should be careful and more resourceful in giving assignments to students, as students now have more edges to get good or better grades.

How to start a free student essay and coursework resource business

The best way to start this business is online.


Because information is better leveraged, distributed and accessed through the Internet.

Here’s how to start a free student essay and coursework resource business:

  • Budget and bootstrap your start – start small and use buzz to promote your business, saving precious dollars. Obviously, you should initially target schools and colleges in your area. Better yet, partner with ‘local’ students group to promote your services.
  • Set up a free essay and coursework resource website – it’s better that you use a dedicated server, and from experience, you better rent a web server than own one, for hassle-less server management.
  • Have a membership sites setup that allow students to submit and download essays and courseworks – the ability to rate them is a big plus point.
  • Provide or partner with a custom essay writing service provider as your main source of income.
  • Partner or affiliate with a ‘premium’ Research Papers
  • or other essays provider for an access to a premium content – this should be your secondary source of income.

  • Consider partnering with advertisers to sponsor your website – also consider receiving donation, as students might reward you for quality services.

Last but not least – just like in any other content and community-driven websites, your content is king and your system is the castle. If you can’t handle them yourself, highly consider outsource a function or two.

Ivan Widjaya
Consider starting one, myself :)
Image by Barbara L. Slavin.

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