Entrepreneurs are Humans – They Can Falter in The Midst of a Storm of Problems

Compass rose
Compass rose
Entrepreneurs are stereotypically described as someone who is always on creative and resilient mode. That’s why what many business mentors suggest you “To get up 10 times if you fall 10 times.”

I understand that, figuratively, entrepreneurs only need one success in dozens of failures to make them successful. In other, better case – I get this from a successful entrepreneur I know, “You need to succeed more than you fail to make you a great entrepreneur – No matter how often you fail, you must succeed more.”

Very inspiring, indeed. Unfortunately, many people forget that entrepreneurs are humans, too. They can be weak facing never-ending business problems. Sometimes, we just don’t want any motivational words coming our way – We just need someone who can get us gather ourselves up and focus on the right things.

I did falter, too. Facing the slowing economy – with all the domino effects: higher inflation and prices, weak purchasing power, unmotivated employees, etc… you can get tired, eventually; not to the point of depression and anxiety (although some entrepreneurs do reach to that point), but at least I felt that I need to get some days off – long ones – to gather myself up and focus on tactics and strategies to maneuver within the storm of problems.

Now, where did I put that compass?

To maneuver, you need a compass. My “compasses” are my business mentors, my business team and information/knowledge.

At times, having a success with your business can blind you – You stop learning from your mentors and resources, and start to learn from your own success. Take heed – The latter is the root of all evil.

I admit that simply “bad luck” could fail your business. But in most cases, we – the business owners – are the main culprits that cause most of the problems our businesses have. Some called it “mismanagement.” I called it “entrepreneurial foolishness.”

When things go bad, do not Do-It-Yourself. Consult your problems to your business mentors; Have an urgent meeting with your business team (you have one, don’t you?) – Listen to your attorney, accountant and management team (and your staffs). Your business is yours, indeed – But they are the ones who have the bird’s eyes view.

The best thing in the world is available for free

As I mentioned earlier, you need to take some days off, and take a deep breath. When you feel you are ready, start by looking for information on how to turn things for the better.

You could get free advices from your business mentors, but you must also understand that there are other resources, as well. The vastly available resource – Thanks to the Internet – is information. Seek information you need from the wealth of online resources – Go to forums, use Yahoo! Answers, join online entrepreneur networks – Get help from any resources you can.

If you choose the non-free route, you can consider attending coaching sessions and seminars from legitimate business and personal development experts. Their best benefit is in helping you change your mindset to see the glass half-full, instead of half-empty.

There are, of course, no distinctive ways to help you get your way through the problems – It’s your very own endeavour to seek the right ways and the right advices. It’s the best thing about entrepreneurship, after all – Uncertainty.

Ivan Widjaya
Entrepreneurs are humans
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