Online Business Owners: Simplify Your Online Activities

Consolidate your web activities
Consolidate your web activities
One of the biggest problems a webpreneur encounter is trials-and-errors in looking for the best partners for their make money online endeavours.

With plenty of offers online – web hosting providers, domain name registrars, web services, and many more – determining the right ones is trivial.

Online reviews are helpful, indeed – However, you still have to take action to learn whether a service is the right one for you.

I ‘listen’ to what reviewers said, but from my experience, a glowing review about a web service is not a guarantee that the service is a best fit for you and your situation.

Due to this, quite often, webpreneurs are joining with many programs and subscribing with many services. The result is apparent: You need to manage dozens of web hosting, domain name registrars and other web services partners.

In my case, I join many web services, as well. I joined and partnered with 7 domain registrars, 4 web hosting providers, countless of web services (CMS services, web development services, traffic and lead generation services, email marketing services, SEO/link building services, ad serving services, and many more) – Some services are free, but many I partnered with are costing me money.

If you learn well and try a lot, three months after your first entrance into Internet business should be the right time to ‘weed out’ the ‘unwanted’ web services.

How to simplify your web service partners management

From my noobpreneurial journey, I can offer you some practical yet effective tips to make your life easier – The key word is: consolidation.

  • Consolidate your domain name registration accounts
    If you register domain names with many registrars, you can push the domains to your preferred company offering top-notch domain management system. I initially use GoDaddy, but I now use NameCheap to manage my domain names for its simplicity and super-fast support ticket system response.
  • Consolidate your web hosting accounts
    I now host my websites on web hosting accounts on HostGator – It offers the best live support and reliable web hosting services. It’s always good to have account with a secondary web hosting provider, just in case. Again, I recommend NameCheap for this.
  • Consolidate your web services accounts
    Those free offers are interesting, indeed – But it’s time for consolidation. Focus on the services you use regularly, and forget (or close) the other accounts. Trying too many things is resource-intensive.
  • Consolidate your ad serving accounts
    Getting accepted in big ad serving names, such as Google AdSense and Commission Junction is great, but again, too many accounts will confuse you and won’t give you the benefits of focusing on one or two ad serving companies. My choice would be Google AdSense for PPC (pay-per-click) and Commission Junction for Affiliate programs.
  • Consolidate everything
    An online dashboard can help you consolidate everything into one place. My best recommendation: the forever-free – You can place virtually every widget you have in mind – News, feeds, links (hint: place all of your websites in a widget for easy access), videos, to do lists, etc.

Do you have any tips to share? Please do so by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Consolidate your online money making activities
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