Google Docs Templates for Small Business

Google Docs - Small business-friendly
Google Docs - Small business-friendly
I need to simplify my life. Seriously.

For instance, for my business management needs, I search the web for the better (and cheaper) software to buy. Free templates can be found everywhere, but those are often not what I’m looking for. A time waster, really.

Then I thought, “Why should I make things complex when I can simplify them (and cost-effective them), anyway?”

To my luck, I’ve found the mother-load of business forms – All free to use. Just like many things in my webpreneurial journey, I look into Google – not only the search engine, but also the applications and others.

Ironically, I just found out (my bad) that Google Docs is offering free public templates for business, as well as personal finance.

What’s included in the Google Docs Template Gallery?

Everything (well, maybe most things,) for free – Ranging from business management to presentation designs.

The templates are both Google-submitted and Google Docs user-submitted, and to my awe, some of the templates are top-notch ones that can be found on premium, non-free sites. They are, or course, editable and customisable from your Google Docs account.

For a small business needs, here are some nice examples:

Do you need a DIY-ready business card template? You got it.

Do you need a business plan template? Sure thing.

…or, do you need a simple invoice to bill your clients? No worries.

For non-business purposes, you might like this family budget planner template (my favourite.)

Google Docs Templates clearly helps small business owners to be more productive with their time, producing top-notch documents, spreadsheets and presentations easily.

For you who never use Google Docs before, I suggest you to start using it. The recent development on Google Docs states that Google Search will crawl the Google Docs documents, spreadsheets and presentations to be listed in the search engine result pages, Google Docs will become increasingly popular in the near future.

What are your favourite Google Docs templates?

Ivan Widjaya
Google Docs for small business