How to Keep Your Small Business Lean and Sexy

Running a small business is like taking care of your body. Doing it right will bring more out of your business. This article offer you some common sense tips on… Read more »

Why Corporate Bureaucracy Sucks: It Costs PepsiCo $1.26 Billion

PepsiCo Inc has its legal document buried for weeks, causing it not showing up to court and losing $1.26 billion default judgment – all thanks to big corporation bureaucracy. Here… Read more »

Assessing Your Risk

Ivan talked about why people are afraid to take the necessary risk to become an entrepreneur in his post, now I’m going to talk about assessing the risks you will… Read more »
Personal Development

Why People are Afraid of Taking Risks and Becoming Entrepreneurs?

While people are carelessly spending their money and drying their credit cards, paying only the minimum, why they are afraid of taking risks to be entrepreneurs? Risks are my friends.… Read more »

Failure to Plan is Like Planning to Fail when Selling your Business

When should one begin the planning for the sale of your business? It has been said that that thought process should begin when you start your business. So Entrepreneurs, while… Read more »

Inbound Call Center Saves Customer Service, One Day at a Time

For business owners, businesses that are faring well in this “Great Recession” are like winning the Super Lotto. When the phones in your office are ringing off the wall, it’s… Read more »

Choosing the Right People for Your Non-profit Board

The board of directors is the governing body of a nonprofit and is legally accountable for its actions. Directors must oversee the accomplishment of the organization’s purposes. Initial directors are… Read more »

Facing Retirement Ahead: Why Job Security Makes You Lazy

Job security and monthly salary are two of the main factors that kill your creativity, and eventually your chances to achieve success and realise your dream upon your retirement years.… Read more »

Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes for Small Business

Are you looking for the right platform and design for your small business website? Here are Top 5 premium WordPress theme for small business. Small business websites need to… Read more »

Choosing an Office Phone System: The Features you Should Seek

This is a blog post by Trevor Badly. When it comes to running a small business, a VoIP office phone system can improve efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance customer service.… Read more »
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