Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes for Small Business

Small business website
Small business website
Are you looking for the right platform and design for your small business website? Here are Top 5 premium WordPress theme for small business.

Small business websites need to be taken care of more seriously. From many, many small business websites I have visited so far, many of them are, sorry to say, simply uninspiring and giving me the impression of the business owners and the businesses themselves not being serious about their web presence.

Never mind the social media – Small businesses need to take their online presence more seriously, otherwise they will, more sooner than latter, lose their competitive advantage as we all know this fact: The Internet has changed how the game of business is played (read my article about web presence.)

For you who have realised the importance of web presence, the next question would be: How to build a small business website. If you are not familiar with web building (and don’t want to get your hands dirty tinkering with web building,) I recommend you to hire a professional. If you are into DIY, I suggest you to choose the right platform and design to accompany your stellar content and products/services.

Choose WordPress

For a platform, I strongly suggest you to choose WordPress as CMS (content management system.) WordPress is originally meant for blogs, but has evolved into a powerful CMS, meaning you can create and manage content and publish blog posts in plain simple ways.

WordPress can also apply your WordPress theme design in point-and-click manner. This brings you to the next step: Choose the right WordPress theme for your small business.

Noobpreneur’s top 5 premium WordPress themes for small business

From literally thousands of WordPress themes available on the Net, choosing one is simply difficult. To make your life easier, please allow me to suggest you these 5 premium business themes. Please note, I love simplicity, so the themes I recommend are definitely simple but functional in design.

I suggest you to choose premium over free themes for some reasons: Theme regular updates from the designer, theme support and most don’t have a link back to the designer (or sponsors) sites.

Without further ado, here are the 5 premium WordPress themes I recommend:

5. Twicet

Twicet Business WordPress Theme


Twicet is a Business and portfolio WordPress theme from ThemeForest.

I like the simple layout of Twicet. It has 5 themes to choose from – 2 dark, 2 light and 1 transparent. It is pretty much suitable for any kind of small business.

4. Concept

Concept Business WordPress Theme


Concept is a premium WordPress theme suitable for a small business from ThemeForest.

I like the minimalist look of it. It is suitable is your small business sell a product that has a bold design – This way, the WP theme will stand your products out.

3. Web Lider

Web Lider Business WordPress Theme


Web Lider is a stylish business and portfolio WordPress theme from ThemeForest.

I like the stylish look and bright colours used for the theme. It is suitable is your small business is related to design industry – Fashion, product design, graphic design, etc.

2. Over Easy

Over Easy Business WordPress Theme


Over Easy is a business WordPress theme from WooThemes. Just a note, WooThemes was founded by authoritative WordPress theme designers – Adii “WordPress rockstar” Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester and boasting powerful theme management and customisation requiring no coding knowledge.

The front page is great for pitching the marketing messages with the powerful slider. I like the overall look of this theme.

1. Productum

Productum Business WordPress Theme


Productum is a product-based business WordPress theme from WooThemes.

This theme looks ultra-professional and probably the best small business theme I have seen so far. If I run a small business selling products – especially digital ones – I will definitely use this theme.

What’s your favourite of all 5?

Ivan Widjaya
Premium WordPress theme for small business