How to Choose the Right Business Vendors for Your Small Business

Pre-screened business vendors
Pre-screened business vendors
Choosing the wrong business vendor will haunt your business for life.

Do you know what you can do to harm your business? Try to partner with scammers and underperformers.

Small business owners are known to wear many hats – Business planning, financial management, employee management, etc. They are proficient in juggling with many different things. Choosing vendors or suppliers are one of them.

Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t place choosing a vendor or supplier as their top priorities. This will result in one thing: bad business relationship that could take years to recover.

Vendors who don’t require a long term contract, could ‘only’ lose you money. However, some vendors are requiring a longer term of contract in which bailing out will lose your money, and more – e.g. lawsuit.

How to choose the right vendors

It is logical that you and I would want vendors that are qualified and trustworthy.

One way to find qualified vendors is through referrals. Your fellow small business owners can suggest you vendors that you can trust. Unfortunately, not many are willing to share their list of trustworthy vendors. This is only logical because the right vendors are key to every business’ competitiveness. Moreover, small business owners whose businesses are in the same niche as yours will likely to decline any requests to share any vendors’ contacts.

The best way to find the right vendors is by consulting with a business resource directory that provides a list of pre-screened vendors. They have done all the due diligence in hand-picking every vendor.

In exchange for a smallish fee, you will gain access to a list of trustworthy vendors. One of the resource providers I recommend is Resource Nation.

Resource Nation offers you a range of vendors offering services and/or products, ranging from web design to office telephony. The listed vendors are pre-screened and guaranteed to offer good business5`

I recommend you to visit Resource nation to learn more about what they have to offer.

Ivan Widjaya
On choosing the right business vendors