Black Friday 2009: It is Time to Shop for Your Small Business Needs

Black Friday - Apple Store - 5th Avenue - New York
Black Friday - Apple Store, New York
If you live in the US, this day next week – November 27 – is Black Friday, the start of US traditional Christmas shopping season. It is THE time to upgrade your small business equipments and furniture.

As retailers are going all-out next week, there will be loads of deals, especially from major retailers to attract shoppers. For small business owners, Black Friday could also the day to shop for their small business needs, as there will be savings on small business-related equipments (e.g. desktop computers) and furniture (e.g. desks) – It is THE time to cut your small business costs!

One day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the right day to get a bargain for your small business needs. Most retailers will open early, usually at 5 AM, while some others even open at midnight. So get ready.

One of the major retailers that buzz the sales is Walmart. As an example, have a look at Walmart Black Friday 2009 Ads related to small business needs.

Walmart Black Friday 2009 adsWalmart Black Friday 2009 adsWalmart Black Friday 2009 ads
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Let’s see… On Black Friday – 5 A.M. to 11 A.M – Walmart will sell HP computers that could be a perfect fit for your small business needs.

Walmart’s G60-519wm laptop computer is sold only at $298 – That’s really a low price tag! Even if you try to look for it on eBay, it would cost you about $450 to $500 to invest in one for your small business.

Another example would be Aurora 8-sheet Cross-Cut Shredder – priced at $25. On Amazon, it is priced at $40.

And those are the deals from just one retailer. Do a shop-around and you will see that if you are doing your homework well, you can save a lot for your small business needs.

Just remember – It’s for your small business need. Get a hold of yourself and avoid spending more than what has been budgeted for Black Friday shopping :)

Ivan Widjaya
Black Friday 2009
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