’s New Year Resolution for 2010

new year 2010
New year resolution 2010
We have done with everything we could to render as a reputable resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and so far, we are all smiles – Many thanks for you, the visitors and Noobpreneur Business Bloggers. is getting ready for 2010, and we would like to share our New Year Resolution to you. in 2009

But first, to review 2009 – we have done some significant changes that ultimately place us to a better place and a clearer view on the topic of small business and entrepreneurship.

We have changed the layout and design twice this year, trying to look for a better way to present information to our visitors.

We have grown out Noobpreneur Business Blogger team roster to a total of 8 active members to date, transforming Noobpreneur Business Blog from a one-man show business blog into a multi-author business blog covering small business and entrepreneurship topics from 8 different angles.

Ultimately, is proud to exclaim that we are now syndicated in Google News – Something that can only be done through the provision of high quality content and reorganisation process that is largely triggered by our Business Bloggers.

There is no time to procrastinate – we have laid out a plan for 2010 as our New Year Resolution. Master Plan for 2010

Here is the big picture of our plan for next year:

  • We will continue to persuade more business bloggers to join the roster – We expect 20 independent, multi-discipline, multi-background, Business Bloggers in our Noobpreneur Business Blogger team before the end of 2010 (‘care to join our blogging team?)
  • We will develop products and services that will benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs more than today (a hint: an online business collaboration tool is in priority planning stage.)
  • We will strategically partner with other business-related content, products and services providers to offer value to you that can only be accessed through
  • We focus on quality improvement – More and more authoritative articles for you (a hint: we do need an Editor.)
  • … and of course, we want to increase’s traffic, conversion and revenue.

So, there’s there. What’s your New Year Resolution?

Ivan Widjaya
Happy Holidays!
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Ivan Widjaya

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