BizSugar Sweetens Your Small Business Social Media Marketing Campaign

I know they have made a mark in business news aggregation arena, but I just realised how powerful they are for small business. recommends BizSugar.

Let’s be honest here – I was a fan of Small Business Brief, until they evolve from a business social bookmarking/news aggregator site to a business article directory.

Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy their articles, but I don’t see how they are different to other business web/blog sites. I don’t blame them for changing direction – they have got a lot (I mean, really, really a lot!) of spams, and moderating them is resource intensive.

In the other hand, comes BizSugar – the “traditional” Digg-like social bookmarking/news aggregator site that simply delivers, showing the top trends in small business world. Indeed, BizSugar establishes itself as THE small business social bookmarking site, and focusing on small business makes it feels like home.

How can BizSugar help your small business

Of course, with a social networking site, you can do almost anything – share small business news, articles, info, and any other resources related to small business. You can also vote for stories and articles you find useful and interesting.

What’s more, I also fave BizSugar’s blog section: Smart blog posts, very useful insights and interesting readers’ comments – a total package.

Those being said, BizSugar can help you to do the following:

  • For business bloggers, BizSugar can help you find interesting small business articles and stories to blog about.
  • As business owners and entrepreneurs, you can find useful tips on how to better your business.
  • Small business owners are super-busy people; a news aggregator site like BizSugar is just what they need – time-saver, hassle-free.
  • You can submit small business articles and stories you find interesting (you can submit your own, too!) and let the community benefits from your submissions.
  • You can establish your profile and build your personal and/or business brand: Befriends other business owners and business enthusiasts, share your expert comments on articles or news you find interesting,

All in all, BizSugar adds value to your small business social media marketing campaign. I suggest you to give BizSugar a try – share your small business news and tips and get yourself heard.

Ivan Widjaya
BizSugar fan