3 Free Site Hosting/Builders I Recommend for Building Your Small Business Website

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As I always mentioned in Noobpreneur.com previous posts about establishing your business web presence, I once again endorse business websites as a way to communicate who you are and what you offer to your business prospects. What’s more, I always consider owning a business website (or blog site if you will) is the first and foremost step even before you start social media marketing campaigns.

Small business owners – if your business budget and technical requirements tarry you from building a site for your business, there are plenty of free services available on the Internet you can consider that can help you build your first site in minutes.

As of for me, despite I build self-hosted sites on regular basis, I still use free blog/web site hosting – mainly for the purpose of business branding, Internet marketing and SEO/link building.

Here are three sites I regularly use and personally recommend:

1. WordPress.com

I love WordPress and anything related to it. If creating a site or blog and host it yourself seems too much hassle, I strongly recommend you to create a blog (or site) on WordPress.com. If what you want is to create a site, WordPress has evolved into a CMS (content management system) instead of just a blogging platform, meaning, you can create a company website on WordPress with or without the need to blog.

As an upside, you can buy a domain name and link it to your WordPress.com site, so you can have www.yourbusinessname.com instead of yourbusinessname.wordpress.com

2. Squidoo.com

Squidoo is very popular among Internet marketers – many have sold lots of products using Squidoo lenses (a.k.a. individual web pages,) as well as using them as branding purposes. That being said, it is proven that well-built Squidoo lenses CAN get prospects to notice your business or what you have got to offer.

3. Weebly.com

Weebly is one of the most intuitive free site builders/hosting companies. With Weebly platform, you can have a great control on how your site should look like – creating a site is done via click-and-drags – just select what you are going to add to your site – images, texts, texts-with-images, and any other ‘draggables,’ including choosing a design template for your site. Just type in your content, choose your images and arrange things up – pushing the “Publish” button will have your site created for you.

Weebly is not really a blog builder, so if what you want is to build a business blog easier, you might want to consider WordPress and any other WordPress-powered free blog hosting sites.

Just like WordPress.com, you can buy a domain name and have it linked to your Weebly site address.

There are some other free blog/web site builder and hosting I use – Blogger.com, Vox.com, Blog.com, Posterous.com and some others – but I personally recommend the three above for the more user-friendly interface, simplicity and convenience.

Many resent free blog/web site hosting because providers usually limit what users can do with their sites. Moreover, as a member, you will get a sub-domain name – i.e. yourbusinessname.wordpress.com – which is not really effective for business branding purpose. However, I consider free site hosting as a great place to minimise your business spending, to support your Internet marketing and business branding campaigns and/or to have a look-see on what an effective business blog/web sites should look and do.

What’s your choice of free blog/web site hosting?

Ivan Widjaya
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