Webpreneurship Tips: Dream Big, Start Small, Start Now and Start Right

Let\’s startup!

I am a webpreneur and I make plenty of mistakes. I actually love making mistakes – I love learning new things and enjoy the challenges presented in the online world. From what I have learned so far, I have one major tip to share: Dream big, start small, start now, and start right.

I’m not seminar or webinar-crazy, but I do occasionally take part in some I view beneficial in supporting my “going all-out online” vision. I also read ebooks – both free and paid – for my personal growth.

Of all the education I get from those resources, I can draw this conclusion: Whichever methods you use to make money online and/or build your online business empire, you gotta dream big, start small, start now and start right. Let’s explore each and every ‘item’:

Dream big

Everything needs to start from a dream (or vision or target.) You need to know what you are going to achieve and once you achieve success what you are going to do.

We are too often plunge ourselves into something without knowing the reason why. Some of us work 9-to-5 for 30 years without a strong sense of purpose – yes, the ability to feed the family, to buy the lifestyle, to achieve personal glory, etc. are somewhat a purpose, but it’s not really “dreaming big.”

Dream big is all about pushing you to the limit, setting a target way up high but is possible and attainable. Some mentors, especially those that preach about the Law of Attraction, told us to visualise our success and dream. If you want to be financially successful, some experts recommend you to write down a check (or a large banner with a large font) with your target amount of money, say 10 million dollar. Seeing, believing and working toward it can help you make your dream into reality.

Whatever methods you follow, my suggestion is for you to never stop dream big. If you want to dream about living the American dream, so be it. The key is to get your feet to the ground and start doing actions that can lead you toward your dream.

Start small

People always say, “I have a biz idea, but I don’t have the money.” Well, if business funding is your number one problem, why don’t you start small?

The wonder of webpreneurship is that it has low barrier to entry (even with $0 startup budget), meaning everyone having an Internet access can start building an online business. Your challenge would be to make yourself competitive, as low barrier industry means high competition. I’ll talk about it later below – bear with me.

Start NOW!

The biggest problem for webpreneurship naysayer who said that being successful through online business and making money online are simply difficult to do is this: They never actually get themselves into webpreneurship!

Trying a thing or two – blogging or affiliate marketing – for a short 2 weeks won’t get you anywhere. You need to start now like you really mean it! No matter whether you enter webpreneurship part-time or full-time, you gotta start NOW and never bail out encountering your first failure – even more, one mentor I learned from advise us to fail fast; the faster we fail, the faster we will discover the money-making opportunities.

Start right

This is probably the most difficult part. You see, most entrepreneurs are stubborn – in a good way, sometimes. Instead of following advices from the ‘been-there-done-that’ mentors, you just want to see for yourself whether you can manage to do it or not.

Chances are, your failure rate is 90% or more. You are doing trial-and-error so many times – you can succeed, only if you have the resilience to get up every single time you stumble… and this is darn difficult!

One of the better ways is for you to start right. Your key is to follow the right mentor’s advice closely.

I learn this the hard way – I have too many sites for my trial and error, in such a way that many of them are neglected and/or worthless. I wish I follow mentors’ footstep since day one.

I therefore recommend you to start a site and do whatever you learn from the right mentors on it, until you find the right formula. Once you find the right formula, all you’ve got to do is to replicate – repeat and rinse. Then, when the time comes, you will need to automate the whole process to replicate your success and grow your empire and wealth exponentially without working all-out 24/7.

One spoiler: If you are going into Internet marketing, you should join an affiliate program that is not only offering great support but also great training programs, webinars, or chat sessions.

Do you have any webpreneurship tips to share? Please do so by commenting on this article :)

Ivan Widjaya
Webpreneurship 101