Why Focus on Google when Your Small Business can Benefit from Bing’s Growth?

bing small business
Bing for small business

I have to admit – I overlook Bing. Well, I shouldn’t and will learn more about getting more exposure for Noobpreneur Business Blog from Bing. Here’s why you should consider Bing as a strong contender to Google in your small business strategic partner to growth.

Reading one of the most recent WebProNews’ articles, I am inspired to start a journey deep into Bing – one of the faster growing search engines today – to get my sites exposed better (and stop my reliance on Google!)

If you rely on Google to get exposure to your small business, you might want to highly consider allocating your resources to explore what Bing has got to offer.

Why small business shouldn’t overlook Bing

Here are some important updates I would like to share you about Bing from the WebProNews article:

1. Bing front end design is easy to the eyes

bing homepage
Bing homepage

Bing is definitely a better looking search engine, especially if you compare it to Google; and Bing is not stopping – it just updated the site design with new features, such as better-organised information, better-located navigation links, and more. This alone will make the search results more appealing – better search experience for users.

2. Bing powers the big guys

Bing will soon power Yahoo! Search. Facebook’s web search is powered by Bing (read this Bing and Facebook search partnership agreement article.)

To add, the latest trends show that web surfers are increasingly keen to do web search using Facebook, YouTube and the likes more than using the ‘conventional’ search engine like Yahoo! and Google.

Bing is also a default search engine on the brand new Apple iPhone 4.

bing app in apple iphone
Bing on Apple iPhone

Related: Microsoft is evangelising Bing to users and encourage them to switch their search engine preference to Bing (obviously – Microsoft owns it!) Read this article about Microsoft urging iPhone 4 users to make Bing the default search.

So, you can pretty much predict how far Bing will go in the near future.

3. Bing improves and expands search experience on popular categories

The recent Bing feature includes an entertainment hub, in which you can find extended search info on music, movies, TV and games.

bing entertainment
Entertainment on Bing

Bing also improves and expands search experience in other major categories, such as finance, autos, and health.

Again, better search experience equals more exposure and click-throughs to your small business sites appearing on Bing search result pages.

Google is quite okay, but Bing is sweeeeeet

Bing is not there, yet – but it has a great potential and offer a strong alternative for your small business’ online campaigns.

I recommend you to consider Bing more and benefit from it to deliver prospects to your small business.

Ivan Widjaya
Bing’s new fan