How to Change Your Small Business Location

moving office
Moving office
There are times when you need to move your store or office elsewhere. Better market, better location and better local regulations can be your reason to do so.

If you have an established home business and are personally planning to move to another address in or out of state, you obviously want to take your home business with you.

When changing address for your small business, there are more things to do than simply moving your equipments and furniture to a new location. Here are some tips to help your small business to move to new location smoothly:

1. Find the best movers, avoid scams

If your business resides in, for instance, New York, you need to find a reliable list of NY moving companies and pick the best to help you out – beware, there are moving scams lurking behind your back. New York movers can help you move your equipments and furniture on hourly basis to another address in NY.

2. Find out about local moving regulations

If you want to move across the country, you need to seek more info on local regulations – NY movers might not be have the same policies with CA movers. Consult with your local chambers to get the right information.

3. Notify federal, state, local agencies about the business address change

According to this US business law/taxes guide, you need to consult IRS regarding change of address document need to be completed, notify your State Secretary of State, notify the State Department of Revenue and notify your City/County. If you move out of your City/County/State, you need to get a business license at the new City/County, register with the new State, and notify the IRS.

4. Don’t forget to set a moving budget

Last but not least, you need to create a moving budget to avoid any hidden costs. I suggest you to budget for the worst case to ensure you can avoid surprises – you don’t want surprises when it comes to moving location!

Despite all the hassles, let’s consider the above as your due diligence needed to be done properly to avoid possible problems in the future.

Ivan Widjaya
Change business address
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