Myth About Online Appointment Booking – Does it generate new clients?

online appointment booking
Online appointment booking
This is a blog post by Dominic,

Many service-based businesses these days are looking into online appointment scheduling systems in order to offer online appointment booking on their websites. Business owners seem to have the expectation that this will generate new customers. This is also further endorsed by online scheduling companies advertising that businesses will get new clients if they use their online scheduling software.

But does it really generate new business?

I think the first question to ask yourself, is how many unique visitors visit your web site on a monthly basis? And how many of these unique visitors are actual new potential clients?

If you don’t have a lot of quality traffic coming to your site, then offering online appointment scheduling on your website will not get you new clients. Instead, you should use it to increase loyalty for your current client base, improve communication between you and your clients and ensure your clients can always book your services at all times. Playing telephone tag or not being attainable to book a simple appointment can be very aggravating for existing clients.

A side effect of actively promoting online scheduling to your current client base will be an increase to your bottom line. This will occur because of 2 reasons:

  1. Your current customers will probably use your services more often since it’s easy to book an appointment with you.
  2. Your customers will refer you new clients because they are pleased with your service.

When looking for online booking software, try to find one that is affordable and that offers more than just online booking. For example, offers an online scheduling software that allows you to offer online booking to your clients while helping you manage your staff. Staff will receive e-mail confirmations when appointments are booked and/or canceled. This ensures that your staff is aware of when they need to come in for work. Employees can also view and print their appointments by accessing their own personal online account. This is great for small businesses who employ part-time workers and/or employees that are only required to come in when booked for an appointment.