One Big Secret to Build a Successful Business

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Exceptional customer service
There are plenty of strategies and tactics on how to build a successful business. However, there is only one secret that can guarantee your success: Do ordinary things in extraordinary manners.

Business ideas are everywhere – they are simple to find (you can find for them easily on this blog, too.) Unfortunately, ideas are, well, just ideas until you can turn them into solid business.

Great business ideas alone can’t guarantee your success. There are many factors contributing to your business success, in term of prospects and profitability.

Of all the how-tos, there is one “secret” that will be the foundation of how well each and every strategy/tactic in building a successful business executed: You need to do ordinary things in extraordinary manners – or, in other words, do simple things exceptionally well`.

Do simple things exceptionally

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or build a better mouse trap to achieve business success. What you need is to do simple things with great care, in such a way that the simple things will return you and your clients as much as they can.

An example would be great to explain this to you.

Case study: e-Store customer service

Selling products online is a common sight today. E-store owners are competitive, some involve in price wars. Some stores are gaining an edge in the competition because they offer unique products or plenty of choices to customers.

Do you know what makes your e-store top notch? Be there when your customers need you; replying emails lightning quick (even close to real time) is one of the well sought after qualities of an e-commerce site. Quite often, pricing doesn’t really matter that much, compared to the support offered by an e-commerce site – indeed, support is everything.

When I am interested in a certain product on an e-store, I would like to learn more about the product – I usually use the contact form to send my inquiries to the store owners. I expect the reply to be within a couple of hours during the business hours (if a store claims that they offer 24/7 support, I expect my message to be replied within a couple of hours, regardless the ‘real’ business hours of the e-store.)

Now, when I don’t get a reply soon enough, I then move on to other sellers or e-store – simply because there are plenty of alternatives out there. Doing simple things like replying to inquiries quickly can win new customers – and who knows? Some of them could be your long-time customers.

More case studies to share? Please do so by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
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