Plant a Tree by Submitting Your Business Site to Hive Thrive Business Directory

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Are you ready to go green? Please consider listing your small business site to Hive Thrive Business Web Directory.

Small business owners should support eco-friendly issues – there is no other choice. They are public figures and role models; their acts are quite often put under a spotlight.

As small business owners, we must lead by example. In term of green living, saying “we are supporting go green campaign” is not enough, as action speaks louder than words.

How to go green the easy way?

There are many ways to go green – changing your office light bulbs to LEDs, sourcing your electricity to those generated by wind turbines, etc. One of the simplest ways to have you and your business join the eco-friendly living campaign is by getting your business site listed on a green business directory.

However, not all green business directories are created alike – most green directories only list green businesses – organic food producers, energy generator companies, etc. What about non-green businesses who want to take part, such as a business looking for a Telephone Directory to get its phone numbers listed? This is the niche Hive Thrive Directory serves – all kind of businesses are most welcomed.

Submitting your business site, you can take direct action in making the environment better: Plant a tree.

How can submitting a site plants a tree?

For each business site inclusion in Hive Thrive Directory, you will get a tree planted on your behalf. There will be a monthly report regarding the amount of the donations made.

The trees will be planted via Plant a Billion Trees – a non-profit organisation that will plant a tree in Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the largest tropical forests in the world, for each dollar donated.

Join this small cause while reaping all the benefits

Of course, getting your business websites listed in a quality business directory will bring you benefits, in term of exposure – both to the search engines and to the site visitors.

However, with Hive Thrive Business Directory, you can enjoy more perks: Giving back by doing a worthy cause in addressing environmental issue – a tree might not be much, but if many join the cause, the whole picture would be very much different.

Moreover, if your business is indeed a green business, submitting your business site will get yours listed as Featured Listing with no additional cost.

Ready to list your business website? Submit your site to Hive Thrive Directory.

Ivan widjaya
Plant a tree with web directory listing