Web Directories as Web Investment – Well Worth the Trouble?

I have involved for at least four months in web properties. Although still new, I learn a great deal from experience, from experts, and from critics, as well.

I started my web property investment by purchasing and starting web directories, as I learn that owning an Internet guide & web directory is lucrative :)

But first, why I join webmaster forums and why I start my web property investment with web directories?

Webmaster forums are to learn the basic from the experts

I joined webmaster forums, such as those of DigitalPoint.com and SitePoint.com, to learn the basic from the experts. From both forums, I land my first web property purchase, as well as my first web property sales.

Both forums have different characteristics and type of experts – Learning from both forums kick-start me into web directories – the ‘playground’ of webmasters.

I am not a webmaster – a wannabe, perhaps, but I always want to learn the basic webmaster skills that are proven to be very useful in my web property investment journey. Well, at least to avoid being scammed by the smarter guys :)

Web directories are (still) important and lucrative today

I wandered around the forums to learn what are people working on to make money online these days. I found several prospects, and one of them is web directories.

Web directory is a listing of things – could be general or niche, could be free or paid. While most people say that web directories are dead today, I still see that web directories are pretty much playing important role and still lucrative today.

How to choose a good web directory to invest in

To invest in web directory, you have to know the type of web directory.

In general, there are two type of directories with very different prospects and valuation.

Link directories

Link directories are the most common web directories. They accept link submission for free, paid, or both. Some big, stand alone, names include DirJournal.com and Romow.com.

While typically not easy to monetise, link directories are considered as investment for capital gain and long-term investment. I saw web directories with little or no revenue were sold for thousands of dollar.

Why would people buy such web directories? Because, the ultimate vision in building a link directory, is to offer paid listing – THEN you will start to see real revenue.

I recommend you to choose one that is strong, well-designed and has a blog, such as Ozami Directory’s Ozami buisiness review blogs.

Bidding directories

Bidding directories are link directories with a bidding system – Website owners are investing a sum of money to be placed in the homepage – usually the Top 10 List. Some big names include Ventedoy.com and EnglishFair.com (previously mine :D)

Bidding directories are typically easy to monetise, but need a considerable amount of money to invest for advertising and link building purpose. Be warned, though – bidding directories are having a negative reputation among webmasters, simply because some bidding directory owners are aiming to build a directory, make revenue, and not doing what is necessary to keep the directory strong for the link bidders.

I recommend you choose one that is strong, well-promoted, and clean (no illegal or questionable link bidders).

Web directories are not for the faint-hearted

Web directories are easy to maintain but hard to build. You have to learn many skills to run one, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills, directory building skills, etc. If you are ready, go for it!

Ivan Widjaya
Web directory investor