Small Business Owner – Your Health is Your Asset

Your health is your asset – a bit too often to hear about this, but it is true all the way.

I believe the importance of health is multiplied if you own a business, and the business is heavily dependent on you.

Unless you own a big business or an automated business running with or without you, your health is your business critical success factor.

Business owners – insure yourself

Not only your business need insurance coverage, but also you, the business owner, need one in the form of individual insurance, such as life insurance and health insurance.

Consider this – unless you live alone, your family and your nearest people depend on you. Have you ever thought what will happen if your health failed you?

Yes, they would be sad. But more important issue – who run the business if you are the one who runs it?

Surprising fact about health insurance

The importance of health insurance is well known and well proven. However, there are some surprising fact about insurance coverage.

Person under the age of 65 in US:

  • Number uninsured: 43.0 million (2007)
  • Percent uninsured: 16.4 (2007)


Health insurance in the US do not cover its population well. 16 per cent of US population is at stake of having their income ‘on halt’ due to illness.

Being healthy is part of investment plan

I spend a considerable amount of my income to live healthy, as well as to insure myself and my family members. I consider being healthy as an integral part of my personal investment plan, with insurance as a vehicle of protection.

I fully understand that at present time, most of my businesses depend on me, physically. Therefore, multiple protection is essential, not only for my family and I, but also for my businesses.

I recommend you to join personal insurance plans that give you enough protection – income insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

Delay your gratification – spend a fix, budgeted, amount of money each month for insurance purposes – and life healthy.

Ivan Widjaya
Health investor