Build Online Business and Make Money Online for Newbie

About six months ago, I enter the online business and the make money online market as a newbie.

I’m still learning today and all I say is, you cannot stop learning if you really want to get something out of the Internet.

I recommend you to have the right mindset before you start your online entrepreneurship journey.

The right mindset is very important

You might be offered convincing products and services to help you shortcut into online business and make money online market. I suggest you NOT to believe each and every of them.

There is no easy way – “Get rich quick by joining my training program” and the likes are urban legends; “Make $ xx,xxx per month in 30 days easily” is a fairy tale; “No technical skills needed” offer is one of the worst selling proposal I have ever heard.

If you want to make good money from the Internet, your critical success factor is your willingness to work hard and to learn. THEN, you will see results s-l-o-w-l-y.

I agree to Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad’s statement – “The first million is the hardest to achieve. After that, the next millions will be much, much easier to get.”

I also learn from the A-list bloggers, such as Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak, that the best way to receive riches from the Internet is by being persistent, being resilient and learning continuously.

Where and how to learn the How-Tos

I have several suggestions on the best way to learn about online business and make money online.

  1. Learn basic technical skills
    I have mentioned above, that “No technical skills needed” is misleading. The truth is, even if you don’t know about anything technical, you need to learn the basic skills. If you are into blogging, you have to know how to blog and which software to use to blog. you have to know the basic of web hosting and web development. Why? So nobody can take advantage of you – trust me, there are prying eyes on the Net, ready to take the money out of your pocket, knowing you are a newbie.
  2. Read blogs and articles
    Read blogs and articles related to the area of your interest. Read the blogs and articles from those who has walk your path before. I also recommend you to read web hosting & SEO blogs to learn the basic of building your online business foundation. Sure, you can hire a techie, but you wouldn’t want to hire one under tight budget, I believe.
  3. Join training and coaching programs
    Although this will cost you money, choosing the best one might be your best investment, beyond money. On the Internet, knowledge is power.
  4. Join forums
    Forums are one of the best place to learn ‘insider’ information on the topic you interested in. You can also learn and share experience with the experts and newbies alike on a common ground.
  5. Seek a mentor or a role model
    Seek an authoritative voice on the area of your interest to learn from and follow the lead. In my case, I consider Yaro Starak of as my mentor and role model, as I share his visions.

Last but not least, do yourself a favour – Ask this question to yourself: “Are you willing to put an effort to learn on how to build online business and make money online?” If you answer yes, then the pot of gold you seek is waiting for you at the end of the rainbow :)

Ivan Widjaya
Put all stakes into Internet business