Centralise Your Online Business Monitoring

I have written about monitoring your business website performance monitoring and search engine ranking a while ago.

Please allow me to highlight the importance of your online business website monitoring again.

Online business owners often forget what’s best for your online business, especially in the back end – your business website performance. You often focus too much on your marketing effort and designing the look and usability of your front-end, but forget to secure your back end operations.

Database backup, transaction management, bug fixes, spam elimination, security hole fixes, etc – all is important and crucial to support your online business front-end. You need to monitor your website performance to spot such potential problems, fast.

Why you need to centralise your online business monitoring

Either hiring a techie or DIY, consider to centralise your online business website monitoring.

Why centralise?

Logically, you will want to control your website performance – availability, load, responsiveness, functionality, search engine ranking, traffic and user experience – on a single place. This is to cut the cost and complexity of website management.

I use website monitoring services before – I have mentioned above, about my articles in web performance and search engine ranking monitoring.

The services I use are great. However, I desperately need to monitor many, if not all, my web properties, and having multiple tools to do so is quite resource consuming and difficult to manage.

Tool to centralise website monitoring

I have found, tested and would like to recommend you Monitis.com, a one-stop web performance monitoring service. It combines both services that I have tried before, and might be the solution I’ve been looking for.

On a single dashboard, you have access to control everything – your server or web host, your website, your traffic, your visibility and your marketing campaign effectiveness.

My favourite feature is the instant notifications I receive by email or instant messaging in real time if the monitoring system spotted potential problems with your website.

If you own an online business or other web properties, I recommend you to try the services.