Flourishing Business Opportunities in Recession

Recession hit most small businesses. But of course, there are certain survivors that ace recession, even flourished!

The following is my shortlist of recession-resistant champs:

  1. Scooter and bicycle
    The rising oil and gas prices do good to this business. Scooters are energy-saving vehicles, and bicycle, well, human-powered.
  2. Direct service to homes
    Gas prices cause more and more people decide to less commuting. As a supply and demand thing, businesses saw the opportunities, and then offering services directly to the comfort of your home. Such business includes home shopping, hair stylist on-call, and many other business opportunities.
  3. Discount Store
    A pressure on family budgeting causes people to shop for less. Even I heard about bartering!
  4. Online business
    The make money online buzz is not a buzz anymore – it’s a reality that I predict will let people to ‘abandon’ their expensive-energy-consuming business toward work at home and location independence working lifestyle.
  5. Job Agency
    Recession causes more and more people losing their job and business owners to close their businesses – all of them have an urgent need for steady income in today tough times. A job agency answers such high demand.
  6. Buy and rent back
    Many people face foreclosures, and running a buy and rent back business will actually help them get out of debt faster, and allow you to own real estates at a lower price tag.
  7. Energy conservation and alternative energy
    Small business that offer a smart way to conserve energy will see its sales rise in today’s recession. The recent energy conservation buzz, a device that allow to turn water into gas, will shoot the business owners’ sales to the roof.
  8. Outsourcing
    Rising business overheads cause many businesses to downsize and turn to outsourcing – hiring virtual assistants, renting a virtual office, etc.
  9. Add your list here by commenting on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Short listing business opportunities

Ivan Widjaya

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