How Your Life Changing Experience can Build You a Successful Business

Life changing experience
Life changing

During our life’s journey, like it or not, we will encounter life-changing situations – those that can make or break your future and everything you do in your life, including your business life.

Losing a family member due to illness, going out of business, experiencing unfortunate events, etc. – there are things you can’t control that can happen to you and your loved ones, – anywhere, anytime.

Life-changing experience can make someone falter and fall in deep depression. The same life-changing situation can make someone a better person.

I understand that it’s often difficult to cope with such experience. However, we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand; we must get up, pick up the pieces, and move on. We shouldn’t dwell in the past, as there are lots of things to do, loved ones to take care, people to inspire, and – essentially – life to live.

In term of business, business failures are one of the most common life-changing situations; Failures can make some entrepreneurs bitter; however, the same failures can make some other entrepreneurs stronger, even achieving success beyond imagination.

Real life examples

Some budding entrepreneurs start their businesses due to their life-changing experience – mostly bad experience.

I start building online business and make money online after I went out of business; I lost two franchise units at once – it’s not a nice situation, but I’m grateful I can get out of the problem successfully.

I was under heavy pressure to start all over again quickly – I have a family to support. And with nothing left but business debts, it’s a really challenging situation – a life-changing situation, indeed.

To cut long story short, I am able to build something up; something that is bigger than my previous businesses. Something that, although not guaranteed, can help me support my family quite well – and there is a huge room to grow.

My near-bankruptcy situation has changed my life – for the better. It’s a blessing, but it’s also a life choice you have to make: Are you going to falter or to be stronger?

Let’s take another example – it’s a colleague’s story.

He started after losing his father due to heart disease. is a site offering info and support for those starting a Glycemic Index diet. The site presents resources, such as glycemic index food list that can show you which food to avoid if you want to reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease. The site also contains guides of diets based on the Glycemic Index, such as south beach diet phase 1.

For both of us, our life-changing experiences bring out the better, helping us to achieve success with our business startups.

Some final words

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because of bad happenings in your life? I’m not a psychologist, but from my experience you need to give yourself time – to mourn, to take a break, etc. – with an understanding that sooner or latter, you need to move on.

If you are a business owner going through business struggles or failures, heed this: Like it or not, you are a public figure – people look up to you; when you are able to deal with your situation, move on and achieve success, you can help many people dealing with their business problems.

Are you ready to be successful and make a difference?

Ivan Widjaya
Failures make me successful