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Go cloud!
Hear, ye! Hear, ye! After some trial-and-errors, I finally ready to buzz the word out; I would like to announce the official launch of our sister site, CBR Digital – a site about small business cloud and cloud business reviews.

Update: Cloud Business Review / CloudBusinessReview.com has rebranded as CBR Digital / CBRdigital.com – ownership is still the same – me!

The keyword of the day is go cloud. As catchy as it may seem, the importance of going cloud for small business is increasing in significant manner. When you go to business and technology forums, website and social media, there are growing interests on the topic of cloud computing for business.

Some background story

I have written some ‘warm-up’ articles on cloud business here on Noobpreneur.com, such as Want to Own a Business and be Location Independent with Near-zero Management Time? Go Cloud! and Why Cloud Business is THE Business Model for Small Business.

The response is quite amazing – many seem on a lookout for cloud business trends and info, and if you look closely, the reasons are only logical: Small businesses are finding ways to reduce costs in today’s uncertain economy, and cloud business services can answer small business owners’ call.

The main questions are: In what way? How? Which services to consider? Who can help me?

Why ‘Cloud Business Review’?

Well, one thing for sure, cloud businesses allow small business to build a small business cloud on the existing business infrastructure – no more equipments and fixtures necessary. The small business cloud refers to the implementation of cloud computing – web-based tools, applications and services you access on-demand basis, in such a way that your business operations can be handled by those cloud service providers – seamlessly fits into your business model.

Your business cloud grows with your small business growth – when your business demands more, the cloud applications can easily answer your needs, usually by upgrading subscription-based plans that can be done automatically and/or seamlessly without service interruption. This is the beauty of the cloud.

What cloud business am I talking about? Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, and many other cloud solution providers. This is one of the questions addressed by CBRdigital.com, including the updates surrounding the cloud business and how it can help your small business.

So, without further ado, I recommend you to visit CBRdigital.com to see whether the content can help you consider your options in implementing cloud computing into your existing infrastructure – and build the lean and flexible small business cloud.

Ivan Widjaya
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