Social Media Productivity Tools to Manage Your Web Business Social Media Campaigns Better and Faster

Social media productivity tools
If you are like me, you cannot keep your hands off online business opportunities, especially if those can be grabbed for next to nothing. For example, starting a fully-operational online business selling something only cost you less than $20 – even for free.

There will be a time when you have too much thing going on, such as having too many websites to manage. Indeed, running hundreds of websites and managing dozens of social media profiles can burn you out, eventually – especially if you are a the only full-time employee in your business.

That what happened to me. I enjoy building sites and see them grow – whether to keep or to let go when the time comes. But there are times when I have too many websites and need to let some go below the market values just to keep things from becoming overwhelming.

Outsourcing to freelancers can be a great help, but your web businesses and assets will need to be managed somehow.

Then comes social media – with all the benefits social media can offer your business, you need to somehow manage your social media accounts. It’s ideal, if not standard, today that a good web business should have at least one Twitter account and one Facebook account. Imagine: If you run 10 sites, that means you should also run 20 social media accounts; what a real hassle.

Bottom line – you need a tool to help you out; a tool that can help you maintain, even increase your productivity in managing your sites and social media accounts.

Productivity tools I recommend

I have tried and used many web services, but most of them only serve partial of what I need. A few of them are better in quality than the rest, but they charge hundreds of dollars; even worse, a few of them charging hundreds of dollars don’t deliver – either due to software bugs or patchy services.

Maybe it’s only a wish, but are there actually “the ultimate productivity tools” when it comes to site and social media management?

To my surprise, there IS one that deliver well – a dream tool for webpreneurs: SocialOomph.

SocialOomph tags itself as “social media productivity tools” but to me, it’s actually offering more than just social media tools; it can literally help you and me to manage our web 2.0 businesses.

What can SocialOomph do for your business? There are a host of services being offered, but these are my needs answered by the social media productivity tools:

  • Manage and do more with your Twitter accounts: Schedule tweets, auto-follow, promote your accounts, find top Twitter followers, etc.
  • Manage your Facebook accounts: Schedule status and wall updates, secure Facebook Connect access, etc.
  • Schedule and publish blog posts and pages: A dream feature for web businesses run on WordPress and other Web 2.0 platforms.
  • Find social media friends based on keywords.
  • Private Twitter group – great for online collaboration with your team members.

Here is a nice video by one of SocialOomph users to give you an idea or two about the web tools:

You can access most of the Twitter-related features free of charge, but for less than $30 a month, you can access all the features I mentioned above, literally giving you a dashboard that manage all of your sites and social media activities.

This might interest you: If you sign up for a free plan, you can actually try all the paid plan’s features for 7 days at no cost. If you like it, you might want to upgrade your plan; if you don’t like it, just stick to the free plan, or even don’t use it at all. No risk on your side.

In my case, SocialOomph does help me in many ways – especially in my endeavour in pursuing less-of-me from my web businesses and assets.

Enough talking – my article won’t help you much; just sign up for free and test the features yourself to see whether SocialOomph can help your business or not.

Ivan Widjaya
Bringing the oomph into my webpreneurship journey