Social Media Tools To Help You Launch Your Business

One of the hardest things to do is to start a successful business. You have to wear many hats just to get some headway. That’s why you should get some assistance if you can afford it. Luckily, some of this help comes from modern social media tools.

Social media tools for startup

In fact, here are some powerful tools that can help you grow your online business if you are just launching your business.

1. Mention

As your business grows, you can find it challenging to keep track of ways in which your business gets mentioned. But with Mention, nothing has to pass you by, as you will get notifications after your name gets mentioned online.

For instance, when your business is mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit or other places, Mention will let you know so that you can respond appropriately and grow your brand even further. In other words, Mention saves you from the hustle of having to dig through your social media accounts to find what is being said about you and your brand.

2. Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads screenshot

Although there might be a surge of customers after a business launches, things cool down after a while. But you don’t have to let things go this way for you.

According to William Flores of, with Facebook Lead Ads, you can keep the sales rolling in steadily well past the initial hype your a business usually gets. With the tool, your customer’s information will be pre-filled and that means you can make more successful sales as you will have the information to contact your leads when they show an interest in your business or products.

3. Instant Username

Instant Username homepage

As you set up social media accounts for your business, you need to choose a user name that will be available on all your social media accounts. As you know, having a consistent username on all your social media platforms can make your brand more effective to market. It can be confusing for your customers when you have a different name on Facebook and Twitter.

However, doing this search on every social media platform can be a challenge. You could forget about some platforms, and only realize that the name you used on other accounts was taken after getting to them. Additionally, you have to pick an effective username. This is where a service like Instant Username comes in. This tool helps you find a good username to use on all your social media accounts. Sure, there are other tools that can get this job, but the quality of service Instant Username gives you is of premium quality.

4. BuzzSumo

Even as you launch social media accounts for your business, you should have an idea as to the kind of content you want out there about your business. In general, you should have an idea as to the sort of graphics, stories, and other great content to use.

However, instead of beating about the bush and creating content that might not get your brand the attention you would like, you can be more precise with your topics. This is what BuzzSumo can do for you. This tool can help you understand what kind of articles are more popular on social media channels. BuzzSumo can also help you refine your social media strategy as it can help you find subjects that will get you special attention on social media.

5. Quuu

Even after you have found a great username to represent your brand, and your social media accounts are up and running, you have to find content to post. This might be a challenge, but luckily, there is a tool that can solve this problem for you. Quuu can help you out in this regard as you can get updates on the things that are trending in your industry, and you can also share it more easily with this tool’s assistance.


Obviously, there are many ways to make your marketing efforts more successful. However, the tools above should make these efforts even more effective.