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Ping.fm helps you save time updating social media accounts
Social Media has taken off and there is no going back. The big boys are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and for professionals, LinkedIn. Just 3 years ago MySpace was influential but in the world of Social Media, today’s star is the next niche site when the next big thing comes along.

I use the trifecta of Facebook, alongside a business profile, Twitter and LinkedIn, which is more than enough for me to manage. If only there was a way to do this easy and save myself tons of time weekly…Hmmmm…

Sweeping the Social Media Market

As I am finding out and you probably are too, social media is all about building substantial or at least functional relationships one person at a time. One strategy to do that is to put your valuable content in front of as many readers as possible by means of social media postings and then awaiting the few who respond. Voila! Relationship commences. If you had to do this on your own opening every account it would make you to drink unhealthy quantities of things damaging for your liver.

Ping.fm is a site that permits you to effortlessly post to multiple sites. Take a look at this educational video clip to learn how it works and how to set it up. It is a time saver for you in an attempt to kill the Social Media dragon.

If LinkedIn is part of your social media technique, working it correctly and really getting payoffs is time consuming and can be confusing. Need help? Click here.

What time savers have you found so as to engage in Social Media without going berserk?

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