Six Figure Jobs that don’t require a Degree

six figure jobs
Six figure jobs
This is a blog post by Richard Jacobs.

If you are an earning hand for your family, and are looking for ways to earn six figures or more every year, but do not have the required degree, qualifications or academic background, you can still get that kind of money. In today’s world, a wide range of opportunities are available in different fields, and it does not mean that you need to have a degree from a top medical or engineering school or university to be able to earn more than six figures every year. So if you do not have a proper degree, do not think that you cannot get a high paying job, because there are some top paying jobs out there which do not require the candidate to have a college degree. Here is a list of some of them.

Pilots – Airline pilots can earn anywhere between $50,000 up to $150,000 annually depending on the pilots experience. The job does not require a degree but it does require that the candidate completes a flying course from a reputed institute, has completed the required number of flying hours and has a flying license. The job is especially a good choice for youngsters and people who are medically fit.

Event Managers – Event management provides great career opportunities especially to people without a proper college degree. It does however require a lot of contacts and the ability to travel and meet people. Most event management jobs are done on contract basis, so one does not get tied up in a contract for a very long period of time. Moreover, as time passes, you are able to build your client base.

Content Writers – Creative writing and content writing is another field which does not require a college degree. All it requires is good language and writing skills and a content writer can work easily from the ease of their home. If you have a really good imagination, you can even go ahead and have your own book published. Most writers make millions of dollars if their book is widely read. As internet gains popularity, online content publishing on websites has also gained popularity and students also work part time as freelancer content writers to make some side money.

Fashion and Interior Designer – Similar to event managers, fashion designers and interior designers can also earn a lot of money. Their business may require some initial investment, but fashion designers and interior designers can initially work for a company or provide consultation services to clients, before they establish and expand their business.

Sales Representatives – Sales and marketing jobs usually do not require a degree but they require good marketing and interpersonal skills. Most sales jobs look for individuals who can travel to market their good and products and they pay attractive commissions if the sales target is met. Although you may think that big companies might require a degree in sales and marketing, but that is not true. Even if you have some experience working as a sales representative for a firm or company, you can get a high paying job as a sales representative in a bigger firm with your experience.

So if you are looking to secure your financial position, and do not have a proper degree, then do not worry as you can still find an opportunity which pays you well.

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