How Keeping Your Office Clean and Tidy Boosts Productivity

clean office
Clean office
A clean and tidy workplace not only ensures better productivity but can also keep us healthier. Office cleaning is viewed as a task and not an enjoyable by most people. However a vast majority of people take great care to keep their homes clean because it is a place where they spend the major portion of the day.

No matter what type of industry you are employed in, maintaining a clean and tidy environment can spell success by boosting productivity. It is only in an organised work environment that you and other employees can work in harmony. Since you will be meeting new prospects and clients in the workplace or office, these too require attention and have to be maintained properly.

Productivity levels can improve when the office is tidy and when things are in place. A clean office also shows that the business is organised and is conducted in a professional manner.

The following is a list of 10 ways that can help you maintain a tidy workplace at all times.

1. Make prioritisation your priority: First of all it is important to establish priorities within the office. You can delegate the work of organising and filing of all paper work in the office if it produces a lot of paper work. You can also try to reduce the extent of paper work that is produced in the office. You can also organise the paperwork within the computer network in a digital format and maintain back ups of the same so that these can be accessed easily.

2. Cut the clutter: Next you must take care to eliminate the junk in your workplace. In this way you can clear all the unnecessary or duplicated papers and objects. You can remove what you may no longer require in the office. You can make use of a shredder to shred pieces of financial or personal work sheets before discarding them.

3. Make tidying a daily task: You must take care to allot time each day or week to handle the tidying and housekeeping work in the office. This job can be taken up wither Monday mornings or Friday afternoons which may be the best time to take up this task.

4. Poor indoor quality must be avoided: This is because air inside the workplace of home can be much polluted. By keeping the windows open as often as possible you can keep out toxins and let in fresh air.

5. Go paperless as much as possible: It is better to keep all files such as office files, video and music files in the digitalised format. This will enable you to take print outs as and when needed. You can also store the CD’s and DVDs in the hard disk where they can be easily accessed by anyone within the office.

6. Clean down hardware: It is essential that you clean the devices such as telephones and computers periodically because they can spread germs otherwise. The CPU can get heated up because of dust and this can ultimately lead to a system failure. You can get professional help for this.

7. Monitor indoor air quality: Indoor air can be cleaned with natural cleaning agents such as herbs. However, you can also include some green plants in the workplace as they can help to filter the air and prevent pollution.

8. Encourage employees to keep their workplace organised: They must be incited to remain well organised by putting files away and keeping their desks clean. A productive workplace is one that is well organised and clean. This will also leave a good impression to prospective clients.

9. Clean common areas: The common areas and the entire office must be deep cleaned at least twice a year. if you have an office kitchen then that area will need to be cleaned regularly with out of date food binned, dishes cleaned and surfaces wiped down.

10. Hire professional cleaners: Finally it is best to hire the services of a professional cleaning company to do the job. Only professionals can ensure that the office is spic and span at all times. These professionals can do a better job because they will have better knowledge about cleaning agents and the best way to perform the job.

The entire lifestyle of employers can be transformed through effective office cleaning. This is because office cleaning when done professionally can spread positive vibrations and help to boost productivity. A clean office can also reflect the professional attitude of the people employed there and makes sorting and searching of important files and documents easy.

In spite of knowing the importance of office cleaning, many people are unable to devote time for this because of their busy schedules. Such people can seek the help of professional office cleaning companies and get the job done easily and quickly. There are several companies that provide services in this area. With some research you can find the company that meet your needs and accommodates your budget. It is better not to ignore the risk caused by dirty offices to your health. Act today.

The stress level in the office can decrease and people will start performing better in an organised and clean office. It’s a great way to work and see improvement in your organisation.

Image: sufinawaz