Clean Restrooms For A Successful Business

Running a successful business is more than just having a considerable amount of customers. It is also about following respectable business practices. These practices include observing office cleaning habits and cleanliness within the business space.

Surely, you already know the importance of cleanliness for any business. Mainly, it helps you create a good impression on your customers and build trust. But cleanliness doesn’t end on what’s seen on the outside. What happens behind-the-scenes is just as important.

Clean contemporary restroom

That’s why as a business owner, you should also pay as much attention to the restroom. Several surveys and studies have shown that a poorly maintained restroom in a commercial space can lead to loss of customers and profit. It causes customers to lose trust in a business and never return. In a story by USA Today, 3 out of 10 customers say they will never return to a business area with a dirty restroom.

Dirty restrooms equal customer dissatisfaction

No one likes using a dirty toilet. Dirty toilets can make your customer and clients feel uncared for and dissatisfied. So in order to provide complete customer satisfaction, any business has to make sure their restroom is clean, ready for use, and completely stocked. A maintenance program should be in place to ensure the restroom stay in such condition at all times.

Dirty restroom

Clean restrooms equal happy customers

Letting your customers use clean a restroom in your facility gives them a positive experience. Cleanliness in all areas of your business space also demonstrates that you care about your customers. Making them feel valued will foster a strong buyer-seller relationship. It will also encourage them to invite other people to become loyal customers.

Clean restroom

Tips to Maintain Restroom Cleanliness

While keeping a restroom clean at all times is essential, it is also one of the hardest to do. This is especially true when your place of business receives high traffic on a daily basis. The good thing is, there is a way to keep up with heavy foot traffic. Read on below as we share a few simple tips that will help maintain the cleanliness in your restroom.

1. Develop a restroom maintenance program

Creating a maintenance program can help you manage the cleaning tasks more efficiently. The cleaning program outlines the frequency and type of cleaning needed. The frequency is determined by the amount of traffic the restroom receives on a daily basis. While the type refers to whether it requires mopping, emptying the bin, refilling the toiletries, and sanitation and disinfection procedures.

Cleaning restroom

2. Eliminate foul restroom odour

One of the most common restrooms complains is the foul odour. The usual cause of this problem is poor ventilation and accumulation of dirt and germs in certain areas. Overflowing trash bins and poor toilet hygiene after use can also cause unpleasant odours.

The key to solving this problem is to identify the source of the bad smell and eliminate it completely. Covering up the smell with an air freshener will be futile, as the fragrant smell mixing with bad air will only produce a more foul odour. Instead, the restroom should be cleaned thoroughly. You need to ensure that no grime, dirt, as well as germs, are left on any areas. Disinfect or sanitise the toilets, sinks and other significant touchpoints as frequently as necessary. Also, allow proper ventilation in the restroom by keeping the windows open and letting the air circulate.

To do all these more efficiently, you can enlist the help of professional commercial and office cleaners. They can provide you with a more thorough cleaning service. They also have the right tools and equipment to get all the cleaning tasks done right.

Cleaning up toilet

3. Pay attention to high-traffic areas

Consider all high-traffic areas in the restroom as a hotspot for germs to build up and breed. Pay more attention to them by cleaning them more frequently. Also, ensure to sanitise and disinfection these areas as often as necessary to prevent your customers and staff from getting infected with germs and bacteria. The high-traffic touch points in your restrooms include:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets, urinals
  • Walls, stalls
  • Floors

Maintaining the cleanliness of your restroom is part of providing excellent customer service to your loyal customers. Following these simple tips will ensure that it stays clean and sanitise at all times despite heavy foot traffic. To help you achieve cleaner and better results, don’t hesitate to seek help from professional cleaners within your city.