4 Best Virtual Office Locations In Australia

A virtual office is a great way to save costs for a startup or small business yet still get many of the features you’re looking for. For instance, a virtual office typically offers phone and mail support, as well as some light administrative services.

As always, no two virtual office providers are going to offer the same exact services, and their prices will also vary. If you’re looking for a virtual office in Australia, we’ve put together a list of Virtual and Serviced Offices across four of the most highly sought after areas in Australia where companies go to start and grow businesses.

1. Sydney

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney is more than just a beautiful place to visit or live. Each year, $108 billion dollars is generated in Sydney, and it has become a hub for the retail, manufacturing, health, and business service industries. Even if your company isn’t in one of these industries, you’ve still got much to gain in this growing city.

From 2007 – 2012, when the globe was in a financial crisis, Sydney still managed to grow by more than 2,000 businesses. That alone is a testament to this city’s strength. Aside from financial strength, however, a great infrastructure and governance that favors businesses doesn’t hurt, either.

There are a number of virtual offices to choose from in Sydney, but there are a few that stand out above the crowd based on reviews left by their own tenants. The first is The Executive Centre, which offers two locations. One is at Northpoint Tower, which boasts an amazing view of the city, advanced IT infrastructure, and easy access to the metro, train, bus, and more. The other location is at 1 Bligh, within the financial district. This facility was the recipient of the 6 Star Green Star – Office Design V2 Certified.

The other noteworthy virtual office service in Sydney is Genesis Office, a community oriented workspace that features paralegal services, administrative support, bookkeeping, digital audio transcription, IT services, and more.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

The city of Melbourne has become a hub for tech, education, research, automotive, logistics, and transportation. It’s situated in Victoria, which boasts 24% of the national GDP. Melbourne has a fantastic infrastructure and is a great place to live. When looking to virtual offices in Melbourne, we have several to choose from, but there are a few that stand out.

First, Melbourne’s Business Center boasts more than 15 years of service. They offer an alluring Collins St. address for virtual office holders, as well as a dedicated phone line and other services. Clients receive exceptional support from the staff, and the telecommunication services are well above average. Some virtual offices come with meeting rooms and limited use of serviced offices.

Second is Victory Corporate Serviced Offices, which is located at the Paris end of Collins St. Surrounded by major international brands, your virtual office can also make you eligible for usage of any Victory Club Lounge – complete with wi-fi and unlimited beverages.

3. Perth

Perth, Australia

Perth has long been known as a leading mining and resources mecca, but it offers one of the best centers for startups and entrepreneurs. Six out of seven of the world’s biggest energy companies are headquartered here, as well. Aside from being known for having the sunniest days in Australia, Perth is definitely a great place for a virtual office.

One standout virtual office is The Park Business Centre, which features a Ventnor Avenue address, mail handling, telephone answering, and more. If you have a virtual office membership, you can even get up to 2 hours per day of usage of coworking spaces, use of showers, and use of meeting rooms.

Another noteworthy virtual office in Perth is Liberty Flexible Workspaces. Here, virtual offices come with mailing addresses, company phone numbers, telephone answering, and more. What’s really unique about Liberty is that they have offices in six locations, including George’s Terrace, Burswood Road, and Hay Street.

4. Adelaide

Victoria Square, Adelaide, Australia

More than half of the country’s cars are manufactured in Adelaide, and the city is known as a hub for defense tech, as well. The infrastructure here is excellent, and the local government provides a number of grants, tax incentives, and more geared towards igniting business growth. A lower cost of living is also attractive for startups and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for a virtual office in Adelaide, you won’t be disappointed.

One great choice is Servcorp at Westpac House. Located along King William Street, tenants get a prestigious address. In addition, virtual office clients receive receptionist services, access to a conference room, private offices, and coworking spaces.

Another leading choice for a virtual office in Adelaide is Dancorp Offices. Located at Brooklyn Park, Dancorp Offices is based near main transportation arteries and the airport. A high profile street address is alluring for many, and virtual office services include features such as a local phone number, appointment management, secretary services, and even outdoor digital advertising.


There are virtual offices available all over Australia, but it’s important to take a close look at each area before you set down roots. For instance, choosing a city for your virtual office might mean finding an area that’s conducive for your industry. If you are looking to actually move to the city where your virtual office services are, then you’ll want to consider infrastructure for both transportation and telecommunications and cost of living. Or, if you are looking for the best street address to impress your clients and customers, then you’ll want to base your decision on that.

Before deciding on a virtual office, however, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve read reviews, asked questions, and possible even toured the facility – especially if you’d like to have access to meeting rooms and office spaces.