5 Things to Do When Expanding Your Business to London, UK

What if you came across information that tells you that you don’t have to open a physical, bricks and mortar office to expand your business to London, UK? It’s true – with a virtual office, you can bring your business to London without having an actual office space in the city.

London business district

This won’t mean that your business isn’t legitimate. All your operations and business processes can still go on; you just don’t need an actual office space for that. A virtual office gives you everything you need through the internet to run your business in London with you having to do a lot less in terms of setting up. So, why not learn more about it and see if it is the right fit for your company?

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a new-age service that provides businesses and their employees with all the functions of an actual office without actually having to pay rent for a physical space. These business services are provided through the internet, thus allowing businesses to work remotely without having to compromise on productivity and quality of output.

When you opt for the services of a virtual office, you are provided with a corporate postal address that goes a long way in making your business look legitimate. You also get a quality answering service that can help you do everything an in-office receptionist does, such as arranging meetings, answering calls and emails, answering queries from customers, and more.

Now that you understand what a virtual office is and the kinds of services it provides, it is not difficult to understand how helpful it can be when expanding your business to other locations such as London, UK.

Considering that London is one of the busiest cities in the world and also among the most expensive, it makes sense for any business to adopt the services of a virtual office when expanding here. You could reap all the benefits of operating businesses in the city without having to worry about overhead costs such as rent, hiring and onboarding, new office equipment and furniture, etc.

Businesswoman working at a virtual office space

How a virtual office can make expanding to London, UK easier

So, if you have plans to expand your business to London, UK, considering a virtual office and weighing all its advantages is a smart choice. Especially for small and medium enterprises that may not have much capital to spare for your expansion, opting for virtual offices can be game-changing.

Here are the top benefits of a virtual office for businesses that are expanding to other locations, such as London, United Kingdom.

1. A registered corporate mailing address

Sure, you may be considering a permanent office for your business in London, but this is not the most viable option, especially during the initial phase of the business expansion. With a virtual office, you have a registered mailing address in the city you are expanding to without having to commit to a lease obligation. Moreover, it means that your company will be compliant with the legal requirements for doing business in the UK without you having to do extra work.

With a virtual office, you give the appearance of working from a real office location, giving your clients and other businesses a physical address in the UK for correspondence.

2. Extremely cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual office is how cost-effective it is. You don’t have to pay rent for a physical office, nor do you have to pay for overhead expenses such as supplies, equipment and amenities, repairs, and labor burden. A physical office comes with many expenses, and you get to exclude all these from your budget with a virtual office.

This means that you get to save some cash, which you can invest for future business expansions. Besides, saving money means you also get to save plenty of time you would have wasted on researching and buying office supplies, furniture, and equipment.

Employees also often don’t mind working for lower pay if they get to work remotely and have flexible work schedules. They save lots of time and money they would have spent on commute. Reduced human intervention means reduced costs.

3. Extended phone services

A virtual office gives your business a phone number for your office, fax service, and a personalized voicemail box. In case you don’t want a receptionist, you can even have a virtual voice to handle all your calls. You can also set up your own voicemail message and give clear instructions to your clients in case you are unavailable to take calls.

Thanks to modern technology, all that your business needs today to expand to a different location is a virtual office that offers a wide range of services, accessible through the internet with just a few clicks.

Busy virtual office space

4. High scalability

London is an expensive city, and if you plan to expand your business there, it is crucial that you invest in office premises that are highly scalable. This allows for significant business growth compared to opening a physical brick and mortar office. A virtual office is the ideal option for you to invest in, as it gives you the option to be infinitely scalable while keeping overheads under control.

A scalable virtual office is important, especially at the initial phase of your expansion. Don’t make the mistake of going over your budget because it will most likely have disastrous consequences.

5. Makes expanding your business much easier

Needless to say, subscribing to the services of a virtual office can make the process of expanding your business to London significantly easier. It takes away the burden of having to worry about costs, legal compliances, hunting for an office space to lease or rent, finding new equipment and supplies to buy, hiring new employees, and many more.

To Conclude…

In short, a virtual office shortens the process of business expansion and uncomplicates every step for you. So, when you are expanding your business to London, UK, make sure to see how you can profit from the services of a virtual office and whether it is a good fit for your company.