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This blog post is written by Neil Jones, head of marketing for eMobileScan.

The success of a company is largely determined by the reputation it enjoys. A good reputation opens doors for companies which may not happen if its reputation has been tarnished in any way. However, the internet and its open access to all detailed information, has made reputation management far more complex. Hence there is a need for businesses to be extremely proactive and make a conscious effort to protect its brand and ensure that none of its actions spoil and harm its reputation.

It is often found that individuals having nothing to do with a company and its brand, use it as though they are the ones representing the brand. This is called Brand Hijacking. Only the personnel employed by a company have the legal right to represent the company brand. All the others are brand hijackers, and are found most frequently on social media networks. It is possible to avoid this generally by registering the brand and the product/company names with the social media channels, before any devious persons can do so. This may not be a hundred per cent success, but works most times. People indulging in frauds often make minor modifications to brand names by simply adding a hash or underscore somewhere in the name, keeping the font and colors the same. This works for most people who do not scrutinize what they read. But social media networks will protect their registered brands by disabling and blocking offending accounts. They have also started asking for email addresses etc to further lower the incidence of brand hijacking.

Online discussions also need to be secured and protected. This can be successfully accomplished with the aid of Custom Ego Feeds, which will get updated each time the brand or product names appear anywhere online. Ego feeds are a useful tool for companies for monitoring blogs and sources of online news, through the use of specific keywords. Ego feeds keep companies informed about all that is being written about it, and take appropriate professional action to protect its stand and maintain its image in the public eye.It is important however, for companies to take rational steps rather than reacting in an impulsive and emotional manner with anger. This will help companies redeem their image and prove their correct stand to win public approval. Thus monitoring the brand can help to protect it as well.

For all the advantages of the Internet, some major disadvantages are also evident, which can prove damaging for companies and brands. As public patience and tolerance wears thin, consumers have become very quick in writing complaints if they are dissatisfied with a product or brand. Consumer complaints get splashed over the internet and it is for the company to ensure that they do not get a higher ranking in search engines. This is possible by using SEO techniques to keep the company website on higher ranks than any other listing.

With these three strategies in place, the company’s reputation and the image of its brands can remain intact, without getting easily affected.

About the Author

Neil is head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of the Uk’s leading Handheld Computers specialists, including the Symbol MC70 range of handhelds, which offer the mobile workforce unparalleled usability both in the field as well as the warehouse.

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