Are You a Business Idea Thinker or Doer? Information about the 2011 Spark and Hustle National Tour

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Entrepreneurs are well-known as those who have hundreds of ideas popping out days in and days out. What separate great entrepreneurs from the rest is their ability to take their ideas into reality – something that most of us are failing to do, using thousands of excuses to disguise our fear for the unknowns.

I am considering myself as non-born entrepreneur. So if you think that entrepreneurs were born, make me as an exception. I learn to be entrepreneur; I learn to overcome my fear to start a business; I learn to manage risks related to start up; and eventually, I learn the fact that to be successful in entrepreneurship, you must befriend business failures.

And yes, I am a lifelong learner of business and entrepreneurship. This blog,, is aimed for those of you who are eager to be a noob – to be a student of business; to never learn from your success, but master the art of getting-up-on-your-both-feet-after-business-failure-and-move-on; to have a sense of “never enough” when it comes to entrepreneurship. And it pays to be a noob, because you will never stop learning about entrepreneurship – and it’s a good thing, really.

Breaking the barriers to your success: from thinker/planner to doer

Now, if you are like me, you can’t simply rest you mind to idleness. My motto of life, “idle minds make the devil’s workshop,” has helped me cultivating ideas in my mind, which one or two of them turned into realities. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. I want more. I am always wondering how I can increase the rate of ideas-into-realities without putting my money (or other people’s money) at considerable risks. This is something I am still learning today.

You see, ideas are just ideas until you actually do something on them. There are plenty of thinker/planner entrepreneurs, but not many are doers. You need to learn how to take action and start something because you can only find success if you take the leap of faith.

To those of you who have finally turn your ideas into reality – congratulations! You have taken the most difficult step in entrepreneurship. Now your next milestone would be growing your business.

Growing business is challenging, because at a certain point in your business life cycle, everything is suddenly becoming too-predictable and too-stable. In entrepreneurship, predictability and stability are not good.

In my case, stability is really bad. No matter how hard you work on growing your business revenue, it just won’t budge for some reasons. It’s as if your head hit the roof with my business and you can’t simply break through.

The culprit of this is, most likely, you. In my case, my mindset and fear fail me most of the times. Unless I can find a way to overcome those issues, my business will still stick in the current situation. We need the right “tools” (a.k.a. the right strategies, mindset, information, mentor, etc.) to break the barrier to our success. Now where to find them?

How to be a doer and barrier-breaker

In my search for solutions, I was contacted by Spark and Hustle team and was informed about their tour of intensive conferences for entrepreneurs. I find the vision and mission of Spark and Hustle very compelling, so I thought I would like to share you the information.

But first thing first – what is Spark and Hustle?

Spark and Hustle runs nationwide entrepreneurship events, featuring series of three-day intensive conferences for current and aspiring small business owners.

Led by Tory Johnson, the weekly Good Morning America workplace contributor, a New York Times best-selling author, and a millionaire business owner, Spark and Hustle aims to offer everything an entrepreneur needs to turn passion into profit – or in other words, turn your ideas into reality.

The conferences will run in US major cities. Here are the 2011 Spark and Hustle National Tour Schedule:

Los Angeles: February 3 – 5
Tulsa: February 10 – 12
New York: March 10 – 12
Dallas: March 24 – 26
Chicago: April 7 – 9
Boston: May 12 – 14
Orlando: May 19 – May 21
Atlanta: July 21 – 23

If you are eager to turn your ideas into reality and/or break the barriers to your success, I recommend you to attend the conference – but before you decide to attend, please read on below…

How about an exclusive discount for reader?

When you have decided to register, please mention this exclusive discount code: NOOB10. To be clear, I didn’t get any monetary reward when you register using our exclusive discount code. All I want is for you to be able to network with like-minded people and find your “tools” to be successful.

Register to attend the conference here.