Company Branding and Marketing Ideas using Lanyards for Your Next Business Expo

printed lanyards
Printed lanyards
Attending business expos are one of the most effective ways in getting the words out about your business brand, as well as closing a few deals during the expos. How printed lanyards can help you getting the most of the expos?

If you have been in business expos, you obviously understand that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people are visiting each day. You, of course, want people to visit your booth, but you do need some extra punch to get better exposure.

Here’s a conventional but effective promotional tool that is also a must if you are participating in any business expos: Promotional items.

Offering fancy promotional items can help turns your booth visitors’ head, but quite often, the conventional promo items serve their purposes better.

Here’s a branding idea for you that both effective and efficient: Using printed lanyards and neck straps as your branding and marketing tools.

First thing first – you need to wear your business branded lanyards to hold your ID or name tag. The purpose of this is to bring your brand with you wherever you go (even if you were going to the toilet!)

Well-printed or well-woven lanyards will get you noticed, so when a visitor is asking you about something, you could lead him/her to the right direction (and also to your booth, if you offer something of the visitor’s interest.)

Such lanyards can also be offered to your booth visitors as souvenirs. I recommend lanyards because according to some of my colleagues, lanyards have an excellent recall value.

The idea is for the both visitors to keep the lanyards. In order to do so, you need more than just your company name on it.

How to use lanyards as marketing tools creatively

Here are some ideas for your lanyards:

  • Instead of your company logo, why don’t you use catchy text, such as “I love XYZ brand,” “XYZ rocks” or “XYZ brand or die” – the sky is the limit!
  • Use the right lanyards material, as the cheapest or the most expensive option is not always the right one for you. My personal favourite is dye sublimation lanyards, because they can be printed in full colour images, graphics or logos.
  • Want to add more value? How about USB lanyard? This virtually increases the chances for visitors to keep the lanyards (and your brand name and message) – I don’t know about you but I know I wouldn’t throw away a USB.
  • You can also add more punch to your lanyards by including a lanyard pouch to hold the name tag.

If you have more company branding and marketing ideas, please share yours by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Lanyards as marketing and branding tools