How to Figure Out Your Brand Name: 5 Quick Leads

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What is in a name?
My posts through February have been about branding. I have provided you tips and tricks, stories about endearing brands and talked about hot selling brands. If you are still wondering about how you can coin a great brand name here are 5 quick leads that should help you figure out one in no time at all. Does it sound too good to believe? Read on…

Is Your Brand About You?

Lots of entrepreneurs want their brand to be about them. Take the case of VLCC (Vandana Luthra’s health care and beauty brand) or the very popular Shahnaz Herbal range of herbal cosmetics, two brands that revolve around the creators of products and services. They have been able to carve a niche for themselves simply because they highlight the quality that the entrepreneur brings to the brand and capitalize on the brand value of the persona behind the brand.

No one make shoes quite like the way “Jimmy Choo” does and that is what I’m talking about. You need to figure out whether you want your brand to reflect your style of work/design/approach. If that is so your name could do as a brand.

Is It A Call to Action?

Is your venture about exhorting people to take up a certain cause/adopt a certain way of life/make certain choices? Then using that element in your brand name would benefit you in two ways…one it would highlight what you stand for and two it would make it stand out in the crowd.

For instance Green the Gap Collective, a venture that is making a difference by retailing recycled products has a Menwhopause collection (men’s accessories crafted from recycled leather such as tyres) and old beer and milk bottles painted in Madhubani art advocating “green” lifestyle choices.

What Does It Exemplify?

What does your brand exemplify? Coining a name like Artescape is indicative of a vacation with an artistic twist! An artsy escape from one’s city stressed routine, just thing for people who are looking for a holiday experience that marries art with the sun and sand that a holiday in Goa is known for!

What’s Your Take on Positioning?

How do you want to position your product/service? Haathichaap, a company engaged in the manufacture of paper from elephant poo banks on its “oh so cute” logo of an elephant surrounded by a ring which gives the impression of a seal. The name Haathichaap is the Hindi equivalent of “elephant brand”, something on the lines of the otherwise popular lion brand. This approach involves associating the product with the animal that inspired its creation!

How Does It Score On The Recall Value Front?

A brand name that scores really high on recall value is definitely one that you would like to have. One venture that has figured this out really well is ASAP (Any Surprise Any Place), a venture that specializes in customized gifting solutions. Ruchi Chopra, the lady behind the venture has used the acronym “As Soon As Possible” to create a name that’s easy to remember and interesting all at the same time!

With these quick leads I’m sure narrowing down the search for a brand name will no longer seem like an uphill task. I’d love to hear about your experiences and experiments with these leads…so what are you waiting for? Go figure out your brand name!