Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients: Book Review

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Do you think social media is THE way to go to win business today? Think again. I just read a very useful eBook on freelancing containing valuable tips on how to win business via the good ol’ cold calling. I would like to recommend you this eBook. No, I’m not trying to sell you anything, so expect an objective review on the eBook, titled “Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients.” Read on, shall we?

The 51-page eBook is written by Martha Retallick, a Tucson, Arizona-based freelance graphic designer and photographer. This book – clearly written based on her experience – offers practical how-to guide to legally make cold calls to solicit business. Martha will show you how to cold call without violating any laws – and reap the reward doing so.

Myth: Cold calling is a dying art of soliciting business

Cold calling, as we all have heard before, is a “dark art” of getting business – simply because the call is no expected (hence the word “cold”.) Cold calling is a typical activity of telemarketers, who promote products or services via phone.

In some countries, such as in the United Kingdom, cold calling is against the law (even it’s considered a criminal offence in Republic of Ireland!) In the US, many US states implement “Do Not Call Lists,” allowing people to add their phone numbers to a list can’t be accessed via cold calling (reference: Wikipedia.)

Some consider that cold calling is deemed to be obsolete, due to the legal issues and the emergence of social media marketing. However, Ms. Retallick has proven the otherwise. In her blog, she stated that cold calling has helped her to find much more interesting and better paying clients.

What I think about Martha’s Freelancer’s Guide

The best thing about the eBook is the step-by-step to take you to win your first client (and more) via cold calling, warm calling and emails. The step-by-steps are accompanied by a host of practical tips.

The step-by-step is detailed and following the steps will definitely bring you good results. Do you want to know how detailed is the tips on this eBook? Here’s one example; on page 20: “…be sure to drink water as you call. There’s nothing worse than launching into a coughing fit because you let your throat dry out. (True confession: I’ve done this)” – a simple, practical tip but will make or break your cold calling process.

I’m getting so much from a 50-page eBook than the 200-page ones. I benefit from the methods, including various follow-up methods that can help you to accomplish what you are calling prospects for: Getting him or her business.

Who this Freelancer’s Guide for?

If you are a new freelancer looking for your first client and established your footing in the freelancing business, this Freelancer’s Guide will help you to address your all-important question: How to find my first client?

If you are an experienced freelancer, I also think that you can also benefit from the eBook, as it will help you grow your client list (we all know that the money is in the list!)

If you are involved in making money online like me, the tips help me to gain better understanding on how to approach a prospect and be ready to face different situations. The more you know, the better you prepare; the better you prepare, the better chance for getting positive results.

I recommend you to visit the eBook page on Ms. Retallick’s blog to learn more about “Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients.”

Ivan Widjaya
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