How to Open an Online Handmade Products Store

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Do you have a knack in making great handmade products and look for another marketplace to promote your products, I have just found out a great place to do so. Read on to learn more about selling on ArtFire.

I understand that it is challenging for artists – especially freelancers, to make a living off their skills. A select few has made it, but the rest is struggling in getting their creations stand out; not because they are not talented, but because they need to get their works out to more eyeballs.

Business competition is fierce, indeed. Many times those that make art find that it is harder and harder to sell their items, especially if they do not have a store of their own. However, there is a solution to this problem and this is through using art marketplaces.

I’ve just discovered such a place – This is the site that artists can go to and become members in order to sell their products for a small monthly fee of only US$9.95 per month. The monthly fee is better than a “royalty” taken for each artwork sold if you are planning to focus on online marketplace to promote your products.

Why is this such a lucrative option for those that make this art objects? Well, one thing for sure – it’s simply because this is a great way to make money in their spare time.

Instead of having to go to trade shows or setting up in remote locations during art fairs, an artist can sell their art work at any time of any day. Plus, they reach a much wider audience since the more people can have access to their work all the time, which is something that they cannot do if they just focus on the area that they live in to sell their work.

If you are interested, there is no contract to sign – thus you can withdraw their items from the website at any time if you do not believe that you are getting the best out of the opportunity. But I recommend you to give it a shot for 2 or 3 months and see where it goes.

The process of selling on the online art marketplace is easy once the person signs up and becomes a member. The process is completely walked through for the person so that they are sure to post their items right and make sure that others are going to be able to sell these. Overall, the process is simple and the investment is cheap when compared to what the person is going to have to pay to have their artwork displayed in a store somewhere that is going to take a cut of the money that you made.

Here’s a big plus for you: The money that you earn via the marketplace is your money to keep since there are no other fees that the artist has to worry about except the monthly fee.

Ivan Widjaya
Handmade art business opportunity