4 Creative Email Marketing Ideas

email marketing ideas
Creative email marketing
You can’t just announce the same things over and over again to your community, which will get bored of the tired old things you have to say. To spice up your email marketing, here are a few ways for you to get creative with the content in your email campaigns to add value to your customer and keep them engaged with your brand.

1. Market other products

This sounds crazy that you’d market anything other than your own product in your email blasts, and this sounds even crazier that you wouldn’t be marketing other products as part of a paid advertising thing to generate more revenue. In fact, you market other products that you don’t offer, but might be of interest to your community because you want to give them some value and show them some goodwill. Rather than constantly trying to sell them your product, you can help them in discovering new, awesome products they may want to buy, and if they think those products are as awesome as you thought, they’ll be thankful you recommended those things in the first place.

2. Cross-sell your own products

Now here’s where the savvy businessperson comes to play, when you send an email out to your customers about products that compliment their last purchase because since they just bought the Toilet Seat 9100, they will probably want to buy the Toilet Scrubber 5000 and the Toilet Cleaner Detergent 2300. You’re making sure your customers are fully set in their toilet needs because you know they just purchased a new toilet and may need these extra products.

3. Do a flash sale or limited time offer

Get generous. These email subscribers of yours have been generous with their time and inbox over the past few weeks or past few months, so be thankful they’ve become an interested part of your community with a really exclusive offer that’s time sensitive showing how limited the offer really is, and how much your community actually means to you. When you give them an offer they can’t refuse, they just have to buy, and if they missed the deal, you’ll be sure they’ll be better tuned into your email blasts to make sure they don’t miss it next time.

4. Survey your customers

When you have a large sample of people already interested in your business and product, why not leverage them to learn more about them and how you could better serve them? Send out a fun survey to learn more about their purchasing behaviors, their likes and dislikes, how you can improve as a business to better serve them, and so forth. Then, give them something special at the end of the survey as a thank you like a small gift card, a special discount on a future purchase, or even something as simple as free shipping for their next order.

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Danny Wong manages all of the Email Marketing for Blank Label Group‘s brands Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom.

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